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Accurately manage international clients and partnerships with our international data services

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Drive your international risk and communication initiatives

Today’s global business environment is fluctuating and can change drastically in 30 days. Businesses that make decisions with outdated international information risk incurring significant losses. 

Our international address validation data can help verify addresses for over 240 countries and territories across the globe with regionalized standard formats. By leveraging our robust data, you can avoid the expense of mailings that will get returned, maintain a clean and accurate database, and expand into new markets with confidence and agility. 

We help support credit risk decisioning for international businesses by providing visibility into timely payments; key officers; and organizational structure, such as global parent and subsidiary branch locations that may be at risk. 

Successfully target and reach your global customers

Reliable and consistent international address validation and credit risk determination is crucial for reaching your global customers. Let us help get you there.

Minimize revenue loss

Cleanse, correct, validate and standardize your international addresses in real time to avoid the expense of returned mailing, enhance your processes and target the right customers.

Increase accuracy

Our industry-leading address verification solutions cleanse, update, standardize and deduplicate address records. We also provide market-leading data depth and data quality for credit risk decisioning.

Improve the customer experience

Avoid delayed deliveries due to address mix-ups by having the right address on hand and quickly make decisions on international business in emerging markets.

Locate suppliers

Find the right international suppliers to work with who are stable and present low risk.

Confidently expand into international markets

Have the right address for each customer the first time and cut down on delivery mistakes. By leveraging our powerful, fresh international business information, you can:

  • Make the right decision and avoid substantial losses.
  • Avoid extending credit to businesses with recently elevated risk levels.
  • Significantly reduce your exposure to international trade risk.
  • Better communicate with customers and improve their experience.

International address validation demo

Too good to be true? Get a real-time demonstration of our international address validation web service designed to quickly and accurately verify domestic and international postal addresses. 

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