Are you seeing the full picture of your consumer?

What if you were making decisions with only part of the story with traditional credit reports? The truth is most lenders today are ignoring a wealth of FCRA credit data by relying solely on traditional credit information to make decisions.

Enter alternative credit data. By pulling in alternative credit data, such as alternative financial services, consumer-permissioned data, rental payments and full-file public records, Experian provides a holistic view of your current and future customers. These insights help lenders to expand their credit universe, identify and prevent fraud, determine an applicant’s ability to pay, and verify an identity all while mitigating risk.

Alternative credit data provides supplemental, FCRA-compliant credit data to enrich decisions across the entire credit spectrum. Ultimately, this new data drives greater access to credit for consumers and profitable growth for lenders through more informed lending decisions.

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Alternative Financial Services

Gain visibility to consumers accessing short-term installment, rent-to-own, point-of-sale financing, and auto-title loans from the largest AFS credit bureau, Experian’s Clarity Services.



Consumer-Permissioned Data

Drive financial inclusion and make smarter decisions by assessing income, assets, and cash flow in near real time.



Rental History

Access rental payment data with Experian’s RentBureau, the largest U.S. rental payment database with more than 20 million consumers.



Full-File Public Records

Utilize Experian’s ExtendedView Score to reach underserved and thin file populations and expand your universe.



Data Reporting to Experian

Report your consumer’s payment history to help them thicken their credit file.



Trended Data

Understand a consumer’s credit payment history and how they are trending.

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Whitepaper: State of Alternative Credit Data

Whitepaper: The Universe of Alternative Credit Data

New consumer and lending insights – uncover the 2019 state of alternative credit data, the regulatory landscape and use cases across the lending lifecycle.

Webinar: Alternative Credit Data Trends and Beyond

Webinar: Alternative Credit Data Trends and Beyond

Gain visibility and access to a growing $140 billion alternative financial services industry as we disseminate the latest trends report in our alternative data webinar.

Infographic: Alternative Credit Data

Infographic: Expand Your Universe

Get a glimpse of 4 different types of alternative credit data to help you identify opportunities to underwrite emerging customers.

                     Credit Data:

Newest Trends Report on the Alternative Financial Services Industry

Gain a 360 view and key takeaways in market trends, credit utilization, and consumer demographics in the newly released Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends report.

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