Gain a more complete view of credit behavior with alternative credit data

The term “alternative data” is tossed about in the industry, but what types of alternative data can truly be used when lenders want to make a credit decision? Our research and compliance knowledge shows the data must be displayable, disputable and assess a consumer’s ability, stability and willingness to pay.

By pulling in new data sources that include alternative financingaccount aggregation, as well as on-time utility and rental payments, we can provide a more holistic view of all consumers. These insights can help lenders identify and prevent fraud, determine an applicant’s ability to pay, and verify an identity.

Ultimately, it can improve credit access and decisioning for millions of consumers who may otherwise be overlooked.

Introducing Experian’s Alternative Credit Data: Clear Data Platform

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Alternative Financial Services

Gain visibility to consumers accessing small-dollar installment loans, point-of-sale financing and auto-title loans.



Account Aggregation

Verify income and assets within minutes, helping you decision on more consumers, quickly.

  • Assets Verification
  • Income Verification



Trended Data

Understand a consumer’s credit payment history and how they are trending.



Data Reporting

Report your consumer’s payment history to help them thicken their credit file.

Alternative Credit Data:

Newest Trends Report on Alternative Financial Services and Subprime Consumers

Gain a 360 view and key takeaways in market trends, credit utilization, and consumer demographics in the newly released Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends report.

Webinar: Alternative Credit Data:

Webinar: Trends in alternative financial services

The alternative financial services industry, a $140 billion market, continues to grow annually at a 7-10 percent rate. Learn about the types of information used in alternative credit data and how to capitalize on this data to improve your lending efforts.

Infographic: Alternative Credit Data

Infographic: Expand Your Universe

Get a glimpse of 4 different types of alternative credit data to help you identify opportunities to underwrite emerging customers.

Whitepaper: Alternative Credit Data

Whitepaper: Explore the world of alternative credit data

Discover the latest trends in alternative credit data and how consumers in 2018 are behaving when it comes to credit quality and use, stability and loyalty.

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