Single citizen view

Aggregate disparate data into a single identity

Government agencies are constantly dealing with an influx of data from and about citizens. Keeping that data organized, learning from it, and protecting it can be a difficult task. The ability for a government agency to fully understand and effectively interact with individuals and businesses starts with the accuracy, relevancy and reliability of its data. Better analysis of government analytics and data can improve operations and outcomes.

Experian’s advanced data, predictive analytics and data quality enable you to locate disparate citizen data records and assign each citizen with a unique identifier to provide deeper insights into the citizens you serve.

Business people having a discussion


Leverage powerful skip tracing to increase right-party contact rates and enable better government debt collection. 

Co workers discussing ideas


Use high-quality data to confirm citizen mailing information to improve voter outreach.

Woman looking at abstract graph on screen

Government data analytics 

Powerful analytics provide a holistic view of each citizen, enabling better decisioning and more effective fraud prevention.

Ensure accurate citizen data

Leverage our unique data sources


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