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Citizen’s needs and demands are continuously evolving. They believe that government agencies should understand their challenges and circumstances and focus on finding ways to help them. This leaves government agencies with the mounting pressure of delivering improved services, at lower costs.


Project solutions

Locate disparate citizen data records for single citizen view projects.

Data insights

Assign a unique identifier to your citizens and obtain linkage analysis.

Identity proofing

Verify your citizen data to protect against evolving fraud risks.

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What is single citizen view?

A single citizen view is charcterized by recognizing each individual across government systems and agencies in order to gain insights into their activities, current support and gaps, future needs. It's no secret that this is no easy task for government agencies, with the depth and breadth of data they have to keep track of and store, that's why we're here to help.

Government agencies who obtain a single citizen view by matching and merging individual citizen’s information across all agencies and departments unlock the power of the citizen’s data, allowing them to more effectively and efficiently serve them. Gain a single view of your citizens to deliver better services and achieve better outcomes.




Linking database records

Five steps for successfully linking database records.


Creating a single view

Discover how to effectively launch a deduplication project.


How data powers the public sector

Prevent agency challenges with reliable data.

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