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State and local governments are continually faced with new challenges and constricting budgets while trying to provide the same or increased levels of services, efficiencies and safety to constituents. Experian® provides comprehensive data and predictive analytics to enable agencies to maximize revenue; ensure program efficiency and integrity; protect citizens; and, ultimately, accomplish its missions.

Experian helps cities, counties and state agencies in the areas of:
  • Enabling agencies to offer secure e-services to its constituents by authenticating user identities
  • Protecting the integrity of entitlement programs by making more insightful eligibility decisions
  • Decreasing the incidence of tax return fraud by identifying identity theft prior to disbursing refunds
  • Accurately assessing potential government vendors for fiscal stability and legitimacy
  • Evaluating business and individual providers for participation in benefit programs
  • Identifying and understanding market trends and consumer and commercial demographics to drive economic growth
  • Assisting in investigation activities by providing information on more than 220 million consumers
  • Optimizing collection efforts to maximize revenue while decreasing the accumulation of new debt
  • Ensuring the quality and relevancy of information in agency databases
  • Offering enhanced support features to help agencies cope with the resource-intensive requirements of addressing a data breach
  • Risk Intelligence: Understand and reduce risks in policies and programs through up-front and ongoing analysis of markets, portfolios, constituents and businesses.
  • Eligibility: Accurately determine and validate ongoing eligibility with advanced data and analytics.
  • Find and Collect: Optimize your location and recovery efforts by leveraging unique data sources and advanced analytics to maximize efficiencies and revenue. Collect overdue obligations quickly and efficiently.
  • Identity Management and Fraud Detection: Authenticate identities, decrease the incidence of fraud, protect constituent identities, and ensure appropriate access to information and services.
  • Data Quality and Insight: Ensure data integrity in programs and vet and analyze consumers and businesses to improve internal processes and meet regulatory requirements.

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