Data hygiene services

Standardized consumer data for better identity resolution

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Create and maintain a holistic view of consumers

Consumer data is often fragmented, out-of-date or no longer accurate. Poor database hygiene leads to inaccurate identity resolution, which can negatively impact the customer experience and business marketing efforts.

Data hygiene services create the foundation for standardized, robust customer profiles and more effective campaigns. With the right data hygiene services that regularly validate and cleanse consumer information and prospect details, businesses can increase accuracy, completeness and consistency across systems.

Database hygiene creates confidence and trust in customer interactions

Experian’s proprietary data sources allow us to update missing or incorrect information and standardize data to create a connected customer view.

Improved data quality

Our vast data resources ensure you’re able to maintain database hygiene and efficiently update missing or incorrect data, such as identifying movers.

Create a single customer view

Correct and link customer profiles based on standardized data to ensure you’re reaching the right customer with the right message and not sending duplicate communications or using outdated information.

Generate actionable insights

Match data across sources to see up to 15% improvement in match rates and maintain accurate customer relationship management (CRM) data to make better decisions about customer contact.  

Reach customers more effectively

Experian’s data cleansing solutions can help you maintain data accuracy and make confident business decisions while reducing costs so that you can ensure you’re got the right contact information for the customers you want to reach.

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Frequently asked questions

Data hygiene services include software and solutions that help organizations ensure that the data they use is as clean and error-free as possible.

Data hygiene refers to the ongoing process of ensuring that data is as up to date as possible and doesn’t include information that’s outdated, incomplete, duplicated or otherwise incorrect. Data quality refers to data’s completeness, validity, consistency, and uniqueness.

Effective customer data management solutions help organizations ensure that the data they’re gathering about their customers (including consumers and businesses) is accurate and well-managed. With this quality data, organizations are better able to manage the customer lifecycle from marketing to upselling and both digital and offline experiences.


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