Home retail case study video graphic

Make smarter decisions with machine learning models

See how a consumer goods retailer boosted their sales and application approval rates while reducing credit risk.

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edfed case study video graphic

Approve more loans with an advanced underwriting strategy

Learn how Educational Federal Credit Union increased automated approvals by 21% and loans by 32%.

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Intuit case study video graphic

Experian helps Intuit mitigate small business risk

Intuit risk analytics, manager shares how his team partners with Experian to mitigate risk.

Gather case study video graphic

Provide seamless prequalification experiences with automation

Discover how Gather Federal Credit Union booked over $600,000 in new personal loans and credit cards.

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Trended 3D & Premier Attributes case study video graphic

Acquire more customers with machine learning

Learn how a large credit card issuer gained a holistic view of consumers to make faster, more strategic lending decisions.

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OneAZ CU case study video graphic

Achieve greater efficiency with automated decisioning

Read how OneAZ Credit Union achieved a 26% increase in loan funding rates and a 25% decrease in manual reviews.

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clear mountain bank case study video graphic

Drive loan growth with digital prescreen

Discover how Clear Mountain Bank generated more than $1 million in loans and provided customers with an average of $1,615 in savings.

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MSUFCU case study video graphic

Increase approvals with faster decisioning

Discover how Michigan State University Federal Credit Union decreased their application processing time to less than 24 hours.

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Atlas Credit case study video graphic

Create personalized credit offers with fresher consumer data

Explore how Atlas Credit created highly targeted marketing campaigns to increase their loan originations by 185%.

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