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  • Case study: Know your leads. Grow your Business.
    Document Published Date: Jun 27, 2023

    How lenders gained insight into their lead quality and behavior with Lost Lead Analysis for Mortgage

  • Learn how a powerful identity platform helped a state agency increase profitability and efficiency while validating identities.

  • Case study: Custom Fraud Model - State Treasury
    Document Published Date: Jun 21, 2023

    Read how our custom ID theft model helped this client prevent $3 million in losses while increasing efficiency.

  • Case study: MSUFCU and automated decisioning
    Document Published Date: May 16, 2023

    Learn how MSUFCU increased their automation rate to over 55%.

  • Learn how one consumer goods retailer was able to develop a highly predictive machine learning model to increase their sales and application approval rates.

  • Use Case: Driving Growth in a Digital-First World
    Document Published Date: Feb 9, 2023

    In today’s market, consumers are expecting to increase their banking activities online and seek more affordable credit options. View our use case to see how one bank was able to deliver personalized savings options to their customers digitally, allowing them to grow their portfolio and customer relationships.

  • Learn how Experian collaborated with a large retail credit card issuer to implement a custom acquisition model powered by advanced credit attributes, leading to 10 percent improvement in performance across all segments.

  • Case study: Deliver timely and personalized credit offers
    Document Published Date: Oct 10, 2022

    Discover how Atlas Credit was able to streamline their campaign processes and better inform their marketing strategies to make credit offers to high-value, high-potential consumers.

  • Case study: Drive loan growth with digital prescreen
    Document Published Date: Sep 9, 2022

    Discover how Clear Mountain Bank was able to increase its personal loan portfolio and marketing ROI while simultaneously lowering its customers’ borrowing costs.

  • To meet the demands of today’s customers, it’s more important than ever for organizations to be adaptive and efficient. Read our latest use case to gain valuable insight into the benefits of automated income verifications.

  • Unsatisfied with the time-consuming process of physically collecting and reviewing pay stubs and bank statements as part of their tenant screening process, AppFolio knew it was time to turn to a digital-first solution. Initially challenged to find an income-verification solution that would easily integrate into its platform while being fast, convenient and digitally efficient – AppFolio turned to Experian as their trusted partner.

    Download the case study to learn about the incredible results AppFolio saw after their first year with Experian’s AccountView.

  • Case study: Detecting income tax underreporting
    Document Published Date: May 25, 2021

    Underreported individual income tax is one of the largest, but most challenging problems facing tax and revenue agencies today. Using our advanced analytics and custom model development services, learn how one agency was able to detect over $33 million in tax revenue gap and prevent future underreporting of taxable income.

  • Learn how Experian collaborated with Gather Federal Credit Union to implement a frictionless digital prequalification solution that led to bookings of over $600,000 in new personal loans and credit cards in just 3 weeks.

  • Learn how Experian partnered with Educational Federal Credit Union (EdFed) to design an underwriting strategy that enabled them to approve and fund more loans without increasing risk.

  • Case study: Increase approvals while reducing losses
    Document Published Date: Feb 24, 2021

    Discover how Atlas Credit was able to double their loan approval rates while reducing risk with instant decisioning and custom models.

  • Learn how Experian® partnered with OneAZ Credit Union to implement an advanced decisioning system that increased efficiency and improved their member experience, leading to a 26% increase in booking rate immediately after implementation and a 25% decrease in manual reviews.

  • Case Study: Spring EQ and Boost
    Document Published Date: Apr 3, 2020

    Learn how home equity lender, Spring EQ, leveraged Experian Boost™, which captures the value of consumer's utility and telecom trade lines, to help applicants near approval or risk thresholds qualify for better loan terms and conditions.

  • As a mortgage lender, it’s important to reach the right customers at the right time. Vantage West Credit Union leveraged Experian’s Prospect TriggersSM to identify and target qualified consumer in the market for credit, leading to an additional $18 million in funded mortgages.

    Learn how this Arizona-based credit union targeted credit-active prospects in this case study.

  • Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) leveraged Experian’s Advanced Prequalification solution to provide members with instant credit decisioning through their online banking platform. Within three months of implementing a digital prequalification process, the member-powered credit union’s loan and credit applications increased by 25%.

    Discover how Advanced Prequalification helped WSECU in this case study.

  • Case Study: OppLoans and Delinquent Loan Portolio Strategies
    Document Published Date: Oct 17, 2019

    Chicago-based online consumer-finance platform and service provider, OppsLoans, saw a 134% return on investment after leveraging Experian’s Tax Season Payment Indicator to identify past-due customers who paid down balances by at least 10% or made a payment of $500 or more during tax season.

    Discover how Experian helped them achieve this by reading this case study.

  • Case Study: 4 fraud challenges
    Document Published Date: Jul 22, 2019

    Organizations today are facing many different challenges when it comes to fighting fraud, but there are
    technology solutions available to help. Learn how we’re helping your peers protect themselves and their

  • EducationDynamics improves marketing with data enrichment
    Document Published Date: Sep 13, 2017

    EducationDynamics provides marketing and information services to over 900 colleges and universities across the globe. They work with each educational institution to accurately target, attract and connect students to schools. EducationDynamics looked for technologies that could increase their ability to better match a student to a school.

    They chose Experian Data Quality after an exhaustive search for a predictive analytics solution that combined both first- and third-party information to better determine whether individuals were suitable for their schools’ programs.

  • The Idaho Transportation Department is a government organization responsible for maintaining state transportation infrastructure and providing top-tier services to state residents. To meet that goal, they need to have a consolidated view of their residents. However, information spread across siloed databases prevented them from accurately matching citizen records, and thus providing a positive customer experience.

    Read this case study to find out how the Idaho Transportation Department used our data management and data matching tool to identify duplicate records and proactively address data quality issues.

  • ALDO improves email deliverability case study
    Document Published Date: Aug 23, 2017

    ALDO is a leader in fashion footwear and accessories, with over 1,600 stores globally. They communicate with customers via email and wanted to increase the size of their email subscriber database during the upcoming holiday season.

    Read this case study to find out how ALDO used email verification to ensure the accuracy of the email address collected at point of sale without interrupting or slowing the checkout process for shoppers.

  • Cabot Credit Management data governance case study
    Document Published Date: Aug 23, 2017

    From data governance to migration to regulatory compliance, financial services organizations have a lot of priorities to juggle. Cabot Credit Management is a market leader in credit management services and looked to a data governance tool to help implement their data governance strategies and meet business objectives.

    Read about how Experian Pandora successfully integrated into Cabot's critical business elements and helped them monitor and continuously improve their data in real time.

  • Financial services firms have vast quantities of data, much of which is used during the course of their day-to-day operations. However, many fail to fully exploit that data, due to a combination of inadequate systems and siloed teams. Not only that, concerns over the quality of that data result in process duplication as teams feel the need to redo reports they have received.

    Take a look at how Schroders Bank used Experian Pandora, a data management solution to identify data issues and assure the quality of their investment data.

  • The Impact of Positive Data Reporting
    Document Published Date: Jun 25, 2016

    Let the Light Shine Down, is a case study on the impact of postive data reporting for consumers. It can be challenging for a consumer to rebuild or establish credit, but utility companies can play a key role in helping consumers on their path towards improvement. A recent Experian case study shows that submitting reports of good utility payment will improve a consumer’s credit score, create a more robust credit file, and potentially migrate to a better risk segment.

  • The Australia-based not-for-profit organization Movember needed to scale their e-newsletter marketing efforts to reach global markets with localized and country-specific messages. By partnering with Experian Marketing Services, they were able to develop centrally-controlled templates to send 460 personalized e-newsletters in one year, a 300% increase from the year prior, reaching a 10% higher open rate than the industry average.

  • Bass Pro Shops, a retailer for hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor recreation merchandise, needed a way to intelligently interact with lapsed email subscribers in order to win back their business. To distinguish between truly inactive email addresses and subscribers who were simply not interacting with the brand, Bass Pro joined Experian Marketing Services' Email Insights cooperative, a service that helps marketers discover deeper customer insights from participating members. By overlaying global email activity data onto its current customer files, Bass Pro could maintain its positive sender reputation by avoiding truly inactive email addresses.

  • A leading North American bank employs Experian's best practices in moving toward a centralized, integrated marketing organization.
  • Experian consultants provided a strategy review to gain an in-depth understanding of the client¿s challenges and proposed practical solutions while uncovering new opportunities. The engagement resulted in strategic and tactical recommendations on how to minimize both fraud and credit risk, as well as how to diversify into new markets.
  • Improving risk management and regulatory compliance
    Document Published Date: Apr 13, 2015
    A globally diversified financial services company was able to manage risk more effectively, while satisfying regulatory compliance requirements
  • Complying with regulations using Loss Forecasting Models
    Document Published Date: Apr 1, 2015
    Experian's consultants helped a large U.S. consumer and commercial bank identify it's immediate compliance needs and provided consulting, analytics, and documentation support for the bank's loss-forecasting models.
  • STAR Financial Bank sought a more effective approach to understanding the risks and requirements within its loan portfolio. The challenge was finding the most comprehensive view of risk.
  • Experian consultants assisted a leading international bank with developing and documenting probability of default (PD) models to meet Basel II requirements
  • Case Study: Bass & Company
    Document Published Date: Mar 3, 2015

    Utilizing Experian PINpoint services, a leading multistate natural gas utility company identified and linked duplicate customer records, resulting in the collection of $1.8 million in previously unpaid balances.

  • Experian consultants provided rich data, extensive Basel expertise, and analytics to help the one of the Top 10 banks in the US meet its Basel II regulatory requirements
  • Utilizing Experian's Collection Triggers product, First Financial Asset Management collected $3.5 million- ? a return of $72 for every $1 spent on trigger data within two years. The company simultaneously improved its operational costs associated with the collection of these and similar customer accounts.

  • Desjardins: Developing a new risk-management expertise
    Document Published Date: Jul 1, 2014
    The largest financial services group in Canada, Desjardins, developed a new generation of risk-management expertise to keep pace in a changing marketing.
  • Bluestem Brands, one of the United States¿ largest catalog and online direct marketers, faced the challenge of how to best leverage its abundant customer intelligence

  • Growing business by providing finance for its customers
    Document Published Date: May 1, 2014
    A leading global technology supplier uses Experian to improve their business agility and market flexibility with global consulting and powerful decisioning tools
  • Union Bank N.A., a full-service commercial bank, faced a challenge to achieve better control of its internal processes for the Business Banking portfolio
  • Case Study: National Fuel Gas Distribution Company
    Document Published Date: Feb 17, 2014

    In this case study, learn about National Fuel Gas Distribution Company, a leading energy and utilities company based in New York, as they work with Experian to achieve the efficiency and flexibility it needed to improve decision making and business strategies for unique customer market segments.

  • The latest study from the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Experian® Data Breach Resolution How prepared is your company for a material data breach involving the loss or theft of more than 1,000 records containing sensitive or confidential business information? How would you grade the incident response plans in place that would reduce such negative consequences as the loss of reputation, customer loyalty and regulatory fines? In a new study sponsored by Experian® Data Breach Resolution, Ponemon Institute surveyed a representative sample of privacy and compliance leaders in various-sized organizations in the United States on the following topics: - Expectations that their organizations will experience a material data breach resulting in loss of customer trust, regulatory fines, loss of customer and negative public opinion - Data security practices in place to avoid a material data breach - The existence of a quality data breach preparedness plan
  • Ponemon Study: Securing Outsourced Customer Data
    Document Published Date: Feb 7, 2013
    The purpose of the study is to understand the frequency of data breaches when consumer data is outsourced, steps taken to ensure vendors' data stewardship and differences in privacy and security practices between companies that outsource and their vendors.
  • Fifth Annual HIMSS Security Survey
    Document Published Date: Dec 12, 2012
    This survey reports the opinions of information technology (IT) and security professionals from healthcare provider organizations across the U.S. regarding the tools and policies they have in place to secure electronic patient data.
  • This case study explains how LEAF, an equipment leasing and financial company for dealers, resellers, manufacturers and distributors, is able to stay competitive by refining its business strategies and focusing on development of more profitable account relationships with Experian business credit reports as well as membership in the Small Business Credit Share consortium.
  • This case study explains how PC Mall was able to manage risk across the Customer Life Cycle with quality data delivered through implementation of BusinessIQ, an offering from Experian Business Information Services.
  • This case study details how Interline Brands used automated decisioning tools and centralized their credit management platform online with Business Information Services to identify risky accounts more effectively and improve profitability.
  • Data Breach Case Study of Lessons Learned from the Field
    Document Published Date: Nov 5, 2012
    Data breaches just don't quit, and, for the most part, that's bad news for consumers and businesses. But there's good news too, in the lessons learned from recent events. The business community now has multiple points of reference about what works and what doesn't in breach preparedness and response.
  • This case study details the deployment of a Business Information Services tool that helped a large distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies with account management and continuing their double-digit sales growth.
  • This annual study on medical identity theft is designed to determine how pervasive this crime is in the United States and how it has affected consumers.
  • The new 2012 Consumer Study on Data Breach Notification by the Ponemon Institute finds consumers are critical of the notification letters they receive.
  • Infographic: Unlock Data Breach Facts
    Document Published Date: Apr 25, 2012
    According to the Ponemon Institute, the norm is for organizations to experience not just one but a handful of breaches. These incidents weigh heavily on organizations long after they've occurred. The Unlock Data Breach Facts Infographic explores how.
  • Technology Credit Union Notification Services Case Study
    Document Published Date: Mar 1, 2012

    Technology Credit Union (Tech CU) implemented Experian’s Notification Services Risk TriggersSM and Retention TriggersSM products to improve its retention rates, deepen member relationships and grow its portfolio. Tech CU was able to fund more than $6 million in mortgage loans. With a return on investment (ROI) of 788 percent. Tech CU found a way to meet its members’ needs while continuing to maintain and meet loan growth targets.

  • Utilizing Experian's PINpoint Services product, a leading multistate natural gas utility company identified and linked duplicate customer records, resulting in the collection of $1.8 million in previously unpaid balances.

  • Bay Area Credit Service LLC conducted a three-month trial program that proved Experian delivers superior account management, programming capabilities and account scoring and high-quality data, resulting in dramatic performance improvements and enhanced profitability.

  • By implementing an auto prescreen campaign, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union exceeded its return on investment goal by nearly 200 percent and increased its one-year campaign net profit by 60 percent.

  • Like many credit unions, SC Telco Credit Union faced many challenges when trying to increase their bottom line. Over the past year, their goal was to grow their loan portfolio by offering new and used auto loans to prospective and existing credit union members.

  • Data Breach Case Studies: From Incident to Resolution
    Document Published Date: Dec 1, 2010
    An investigative approach to data breaches. Learn important lessons learned from data breach case studies where some key tactics were applied.