Build customer relationships

Increase customer value by building strong connections

Maximize revenue potential

Establish more profitable and secure relationships with your customers. Whether you’re a financial institution trying to determine the total value of a customer across all business lines or a retailer looking to quicken and improve the application process, Experian offers tools that profile and segment consumers, perform analysis, and prescreen so you can maximize revenue opportunities and continue building customer relationships.

Build better customer relationships with the following products:


Decision InsightSM

Get a better response rate on offers. This decisioning program reduces risk by prescreening applicants and improves efficiency by automating the credit decisioning process.

Prospect NavigatorSM

This web-based tool eliminates the need for in-house data storage, multiple vendors or the purchase of costly data feeds, and it improves business intelligence. Test your strategies, run counts and analyze new markets.


Experian Credit EducatorSM

Build stronger relationships with loyal, creditworthy customers when you provide them with personalized education sessions with a trained Experian Credit EducatorSM agent.

Experian Credit Insight Program

Credit education has significant relevance in our complex financial universe. This provides a tremendous opportunity for financial institutions to promote engagement with their consumers through rich educational content around their credit score.

Experian TAPSSM

With TAPS (Total Annual Plastic Spend), you know the total spend your customers generate, not just on your accounts but on other accounts as well. Differentiate the highest spenders to deliver better service, provide superior rewards, and even offer significantly higher credit lines.

In the Market ModelsSM

Understand your clients’ future needs to secure refinancing or second-offer opportunities when you identify which consumers within an existing portfolio will be in the market for a new credit product.

Instant Prescreen

A quick and easy cross-selling tool that lets you immediately extend preapproved offers of credit to prospects when they’re most responsive — at the point of contact. Turn data into knowledge and knowledge into new, profitable relationships.

PowerCurve Customer Management

Provides unmatched capabilities for turning customer-level analytic insights into a coordinated set of account-level treatment strategies, rapidly deployed and consistently executed across product lines and channels.


Prequalify consumers for credit in real time — enabling you to match consumers to loan options at the point of contact. Engaging consumers online, on the phone or face-to-face when they are engaged and most likely to respond will generate profitable leads for you.


Qualifies and segments your prospect list according to your unique credit criteria so you can target consumers most likely to respond to your credit offers.

Risk and Retention Triggers (cross-sell triggers)

Provides daily notification of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with customers who have shopped elsewhere for credit.

Trend View — Notification Services

Make the most appropriate offers to customers and prospects at precisely the right time.

Battling for balances

Build profits and increase loyalty with credit card customers.

Trended solutions

Understand the key to achieving profitable growth.

Offer credit education to your customers

Generate cross-sell opportunities and promote customer satisfaction with Experian’s Credit EducatorSM service.