Accurate reporting for consumer credit information

When you report consumer information to credit agencies, accuracy matters. That’s why we developed DataArc 360, a powerful data management platform that combines our trusted software with our expertise in credit reporting.

Our platform is bureau agnostic, meaning that it can be used to report to any of the credit reporting agencies.

By assessing your Metro 2 files for accuracy and completeness before you submit to the credit reporting agencies, you can correct errors proactively, reduce customer disputes, and avoid costly non-compliance penalties.

How our tool helps

Automatic defect detection

Assess your files using more than 115 attributes specific to the Metro 2® format.

  • Instantly profile data fields for uniqueness, completeness, and statistical anomalies
  • Perform root-cause analysis on errors

Relationship discovery

Quickly uncover relationships between customer records in your systems.

  • Integrate previously siloed data sets to build a complete customer view
  • Cleanse and transform duplicate information

Data accuracy monitoring

Monitor data quality around the clock.

  • Receive alerts when quality falls below a customizable threshold          
  • Visualize your Metro 2® file accuracy with dashboards

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