Seize Opportunities and Minimize Your Exposure By Adding Risk Data to Your Records is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, but when it comes to your customers and prospects, it’s only telling you half the story. Chances are it doesn’t tell you if a prospect would make a profitable customer or if a customer is worthy of additional credit. Does show you potential business opportunities and alert you to potential dangers?

To maximize the effectiveness of, you need records that give you a complete picture of your customers and prospects. The new Experian FusionIQ app gives you a true 360-degree view by seamlessly integrating critical risk-management data — such as credit scores, public-record data, corporate linkage and trade-payment information — into your records.

With the Experian FusionIQ app, you can leverage America’s leading CRM system as a platform for improving account management, increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience.

Overcome the Top Three Challenges Faced By Credit Professionals

Incomplete Information

Having a limited view of your customers and prospects makes it difficult to make those critical decisions concerning credit risks and opportunities confidently.

Operational Bottlenecks

When the sales department can’t share information with the credit and finance departments easily, the approval process slows down, opportunities are lost and customers aren’t retained.

Limited Technical Resources

You’d like to make more powerful, but integration costs can be enormous. The costs in time, money and manpower can be too much to overcome.

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