Experian FusionIQTM

Overcoming limited technical resources

You see the benefits of integrating Experian business risk data into your Salesforce.com Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, but the costs and resource requirements look prohibitive. Integration usually requires significant investments of time, money and manpower.

What if the upgrade was quick and painless?

Great news: Now it is!

The Experian FusionIQ app is designed to integrate automatically with your Salesforce.com platform with virtually no additional coding required. No custom development is needed to implement its out-of-the-box features. You can easily insert Experian data into your environment and configure existing Salesforce.com functions — such as workflow, notifications and reporting — to streamline your credit process.

  • Download the app and view the risk data you seek instantly!
  • Customize your alert criteria and processes to support your internal workflow requirements
  • Enable automated decisioning through credit-policy rules
  • Unlike most competing Salesforce.com-compatible applications, Experian’s does not charge for user licenses or require extensive customization; you pay only for the data you access

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