Experian FusionIQTM

Overcoming operational bottlenecks

Share Information, Accelerate Approvals and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Responsive companies produce happy customers. Credit approvals, however, can be arduous, especially when the departments responsible for evaluating risk can’t easily share information.

If sales, finance and credit departments can’t work together easily and look at the same data at the same time, it can cause serious bottlenecks. Lost time too often leads to lost business.

The Experian FusionIQ app seamlessly adds the business credit data that key internal stakeholders need to make decisions into your Salesforce.com environment. Reports, alerts and decisioning features are available to everyone on your platform, allowing them to make key account-opening and review decisions in real time. Do you need to limit who has access to particular sets of data? No problem, the app comes with built-in Salesforce.com roles and permissions.

Enhance customer satisfaction by eliminating information roadblocks and putting your credit decisions on the fast track.

  • Create more proactive account-opening and management workflows
  • Increase operational efficiencies and automate the decisioning process by allowing different departments to share customer and prospect information
  • Lower the cost per sale by shortening turnaround times

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