Improve B2B marketing campaign performance

Use powerful segmentation and targeting with U.S. Business Database

Are you a marketer challenged to increase the number of leads and conversions for your company? Generating leads is one of the most difficult challenges for B2B marketers today according to leading marketing studies.

A recent Jupiter study for example said marketers, who segment their lists and employ quality targeting strategies, can improve conversion rates by as much as 355% and revenues by over 780%, yet only a small percentage of marketers actually segment their lists.

In this pain point session, we will give B2B marketers some practical tips on how to increase your conversion rates and drive more leads for your company.

In this short pain point video session we will cover:

  • Segmenting and targeting benefits.
  • Practical tips to increase conversion rates.
  • How to drive more leads for your company.
  • Two real-world marketing scenarios.

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