Multifactor authentication

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One-time password authentication during remote transactions

Our multifactor authentication, or one-time-password (OTP), solution is a two-factor authentication service that you can add to your current authentication processes while still minimizing friction for the end user. 

Experian’s solutions enable you to increase your pass rates, implement device intelligence checks to ensure you’re reaching the right consumer for authentication, and add security to risky or high-value transactions.

With Experian’s OTP solution, you can provide faster, more agile mobile transactions while executing identity verification and fraud detection to protect your business from risk.

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Multifactor authentication provides confidence while reducing friction

Our two-factor authentication service enhances your existing authentication process without causing user fatigue. Risk-based authentication tools allow you to identify your customers — whether they’re consumers, patients or small businesses — and apply the appropriate level of security.

Engage unique OTPs

We create a new OTP for each transaction, increasing the level of security.

Leverage device intelligence

Our multifactored approach applies device intelligence checks to increase confidence that the message is reaching the correct user.

Decrease friction with automatic default

If the OTP fails or can’t be attempted by the user, our solution allows for an automatic default to another authentication service, decreasing end-user friction.


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