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Powerful fraud detection and a positive customer experience

Can you really have it all? Every consumer and business touchpoint present opportunities for business, but also a potential vulnerability. Online criminals have made it their goal to find new ways of exploiting digital vulnerabilities to remain anonymous. Often, criminal organizations blend in to look like a most-valued customer and compromise legitimate accounts. With billions of records breached — and counting — login credentials, such as email addresses and passwords, are far less reliant than they were even just a short time ago.

Effective online fraud management should be about making the customer journey easy and fraud inroads hard.

3 in 5

Businesses say fraud has increased in the past 12 months.

Risk executives

Must deploy a variety of analytical solutions to stay ahead of increasing fraud risk.


Of businesses report higher losses from account opening and account takeover fraud in the past year.

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Layer data and insights with new fraud technologies

Our identity and fraud platform enables you to connect, access and orchestrate decisions across multiple solutions.

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Accelerate operational processes

Consolidate numerous fraud risk signals into a single, holistic assessment to improve operational processes, stay ahead of fraudsters and protect your true customers.

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Reduce fraud losses

Decrease manual review and leverage the newest technologies to mitigate account opening fraud, account takeover and transactional fraud.

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Increase flexibility and empower your business

Engaging self-service workflows enable you to cover each new fraud threat.

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Provide great customer experience

Reduce friction at point of sale for applicants with lower risk profiles.


See where cloud-based applications and platforms can take your business

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