Streamline your I-9 management with our solution to create a mistake-free workflow. We help you stay one step ahead of a mistake and warn you of any missing data or possible issues to reduce your audit risk. Implementing a high-quality I-9 compliance program eliminates the pressure of timely I-9 submissions and leaves more time for employee orientation to improve their overall experience.

  • Stay ahead of missing data and potential issues
  • Comprehensive dashboard reporting
  • Balance technology with human expertise
  • Seamless transition to paperless solution
  • Federal compliance
  • E-Verify compliance made easy
  • Industry leading data security
  • Remote I-9 solution

What Our I-9 Compliance and Management Solutions Can Do For You

Stay ahead of missing data and potential issues

Our electronic I-9 solutions simplify employment eligibility verification with a workflow designed to keep you both error and risk-free. Features ensuring simplified workflow, timely Form I-9 administration, accurate data validation, automatic submission to E-Verify and retention and purging of Form I-9 records.

Comprehensive dashboard reporting

Replace complex paperwork with actionable insights into I-9 management. Whether you need an overview of missing and pending Form I-9s or the number of I-9 backloads, all information is easily accessible through our easy-to-use dashboard summarizing all important data in real-time.

Perfect balance of technology and human expertise

Meet high compliance standards with the support of our subject matter experts. Every company is unique and has its own specific needs when it comes to I-9 compliance. To help you make the most of our customizable solution, our I-9 specialists support you every step of the way to streamline your administrative processes and give you peace of mind.

Seamless transition to a paperless solution

Turn difficult to manage piles of paperwork into efficient, fully automated workflow. Our automated I-9 platform transforms what used to be a cumbersome, paper-based process into an easily managed and secure solution. Eliminate paperwork, storage and manual tracking with electronic form processing and centralized digital storage resulting in full compliance and legally authorized workforce. We help you with audit and backload your legacy paper Form I-9's, eliminate paper storage and improve your Form I-9 compliance.

Compliance with federal guidelines

Make E-Verify compliance concerns a thing of the past through seamless sync between Form I-9 and E-Verify.

E-Verify compliance made easy

Our electronic I-9 software integrates with with E-Verify, making it easier for you to prevent and resolve TNC's. Our analysts help you through the process of contesting a TNC, recommend follow-up actions, and prevent clerical errors or other issues potentially halting the TNC process.

Industry leading data security

Ensures information is never lost or corrupted. Industry-leading security allows you to manage progress of all Form I-9's from a fully encrypted, cloud-based tracker solution, equipped with powerful storage security routines based on AWS-S3.

Remote I-9 solution

Process I-9’s for new hires in remote locations using our notary network or Remote Designee feature.

Reduce Risk With I-9 Management

There are a host of I-9 errors that can result in penalties and fees that hurt your organization. From missing signatures to inaccurate information, simple errors can result in significant fines that dig at your bottom line.

Working with an I-9 management solution can help you regain control of your I-9 process to ensure compliance and prevent penalties. Experian Employer Services’ I-9 management solution gives you the power to stay one step ahead of errors to reduce risk and prevent the chance of an audit.

User-Friendly Solutions for Easy Filing

The I-9 verification process can be complex and time-consuming. With significant amounts of paperwork and documents to verify and sign, organizations can find themselves wasting time and resources on manual tasks. Our user-friendly solution makes it easy to process I-9 forms for easy filing.

Our automated I-9 verification process is easy to use, allowing you to save time and reduce potential risks. Our I-9 solution is also easy for new hires to understand, so they can easily fill out and complete their I-9 form before their start date on their desktop or mobile device, and identify any potential errors before submitting.

Improve Business Processes with I-9 Management

Don’t let manual and time-consuming tasks take away from more important areas of your organization. Experian Employer Services’ I-9 solutions allow you to reduce the amount of time it takes to file and process your employee’s I-9 forms. Not only does this allow you to get time back to focus on your business, but also helps boost the overall experience of onboarding your new employees.

Why Choose Experian for I-9 Compliance and Management

As you onboard new employees, Experian Employer Services makes it easy to ensure they properly fill out and complete their I-9 forms. From our user-friendly interface to features that help spot errors, remaining I-9 compliant is easier than ever. Explore some of the reasons why our clients choose us for their I-9 management:

  • Electronic signatures: No longer do you have to wait days, weeks, or longer for new hire to send in a signed copy of their I-9 form. Our I-9 solution allows new hires to sign their paperwork electronically, so they can start working sooner and you can fill empty positions faster.
  • I-9 Management: Through our I-9 solution, you can easily manage all of your employees’ I-9 forms in one central database, making it easy to track and manage each form.
  • Audit trail: You never know when you might be selected for an audit by the IRS. Experian Employer Services I-9 management solution makes it easy to create a thorough audit trail to provide evidence when needed.
  • I-9 resources: At Experian Employer Services, we have a rich collection of I-9 resources for clients to access to guide them throughout the I-9 process.
  • Customer support: Our team of I-9 specialists is ready to provide support whenever needed, so you can navigate the I-9 process easily and have any questions answered.
  • Integration capabilities: With the ability to easily integrate with E-Verify, you can streamline your I-9 process to improve efficiency.

These are some of the many reasons why organizations turn to us for Form I-9 management. Talk with one of our I-9 specialists today to see how we can help you throughout the I-9 process.

Explore Additional Services

Not only does Experian Employer Services provide I-9 management solutions, but we offer comprehensive employer services that can help streamline your compliance processes. Together, you’ll have a full suite of tools that can improve efficiency and overall employee satisfaction.

Additional services you can enjoy include:

Additional Resources

Looking to learn more about Form I-9? At Experian Employer Services, we have a rich library of resources to help you hone your knowledge of I-9 compliance. Review some of the resources below to help improve I-9 compliance.

Visit our I-9 blog to learn more about I-9 compliance, new I-9 regulatory updates, and more.

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