Income & Employment Verification Fulfillment Portal

Simple, secure and confidential. Experian Verify™ is your portal for efficient verification fulfillment with unsurpassed data accuracy.

I am an Employee

If your Employer utilizes Experian Verify, you have access to your verification data, request history, and privacy controls.

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I am a Commercial Verifier

As a Verifier, you have fast access to accurate information from our extensive network of employers and employees.

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I am a Social Service Verifier

Complimentary access to employment and income information to verify government assistance program eligibility.

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I am an Employer

As an employer, you have full access and transparency to view and manage all of the verifications fulfilled by Experian Verify.

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About our verification services

Employers eliminate 100% of the burden on Payroll and Human Resources teams by utilizing Experian Employer Services Verification Fulfillment solution. Our solution is compliant with all federal and state privacy acts and laws and ensures data is only given to verifiers who have a permissible purpose. Employees provide consent to release their employment information and are able to control access and manage privacy. 

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Streamlined verification process

Satisfy employment verification requests securely, quickly and accurately. Innovative technology coupled with high-touch service allows verifiers and employees to easily retrieve accurate employment information through a secure and employee consent-driven process. 

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