Complete management of a wide range of tax statements, including re-issues and connections, to help improve the efficiency of your payroll team.

  • Increase the productivity of your payroll tax team
  • Deliver multiple tax statements on one form
  • Manage re-issues and corrections with ease
  • Provide full-scope year end reporting
  • End-of-year payroll reports

Simplify ACA and W-2 Year-End Reporting

Year-end can be a challenging time for tax and payroll professionals. Their heavy workload includes numerous reporting requirements such as Affordable Care Act (ACA) & W-2 Tax Statements. Rather than merely survive this busy time of year, there are steps employers can take to streamline processes while also improve compliance. We will review ACA processes at both the Federal and state levels and delve into reasons the process continues to pose challenges for employers with ways to help solve those challenges. We will also cover how to efficiently manage the W-2 process to ensure compliance and employee satisfaction.

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What Our Year-End Payroll Reports Can Do For You

Increase the productivity of your payroll tax team

We help prepare and submit files before year-end so your team can manage other day-to-day tasks. Improve the efficiency of your payroll tax processes so your internal resources can focus on higher-level work. We make balancing, reconciling and delivering your end-of-year payroll reports nearly effortless for your payroll tax team. 

Deliver multiple tax statements on one form

Simplify your year-end payroll reports and eliminate unnecessary burdens. We save you time and money, eliminating the need to create and send your employees individual tax and earning statements. With Experian Employer Services you get the advantage of proven practices with 20+ years of success.

Manage re-issues and corrections with ease

What happens if you need to make changes to a W-2 file? Our system gives tax managers detailed visibility of all year-end files, enabling them to submit corrections at the click of a button.

Provide full-scope year-end reporting

The information you need when it’s needed. Enable HR Managers to view the status of year-end tax statements, including completed and pending forms as well as reissues and corrections.

Why Work With Experian Employer Services for Year-End Payroll?

One of the busiest times of year for any payroll and HR department is when the year comes to a close, with due dates for year-end payroll reports and other tax form obligations being due. To navigate the stress and time required to generate end-of-year payroll reports, turning to a trusted service provider like Experian Employer Services is recommended. With our year-end payroll reports and tax statements, you can streamline your internal processes to save time and resources.

Explore some of the benefits of working with an employer services provider like Experian Employer Services for your year-end payroll needs:

  • Compliance and accuracy: Audits and penalties can be costly and damage your reputation, so mitigating risk by ensuring accuracy and compliance is crucial. With Experian Employer Services, you can ensure your year-end payroll processes accurately calculate taxes and meet reporting requirements and tax obligations. Refer to our payroll year-end checklist and tax guide to learn more about maintaining compliance.
  • Increase productivity: Year-end payroll processing can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, limiting the bandwidth of your already busy payroll and HR teams. With a service provider who can quickly generate end-of-year payroll reports and allow you to deliver multiple tax statements in one form, you can free up valuable time for your team to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Reduce errors: When generating end-of-year payroll reports, you must reconcile payroll data for the entire year, including wages, taxes and benefits. Working with Experian Employer Services reduces the risk of errors by ensuring accurate reporting. Our software allows teams to easily manage reissues and corrections to ensure all forms are up-to-date.
  • Boost employee satisfaction: Timely and accurate year-end payroll reports help improve the employee experience, as they can enjoy the timely issuance of their year-end tax forms, like W-2s, to file their taxes.
Make year-end payroll easy with Experian Employer Services.

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Payroll Year-End Checklist and Tax Guide

Payroll Year-End Checklist and Tax Guide

Creating an end-of-year tax statement is a crucial responsibility for any employer and HR department. In this year-end tax reporting guide, we walk through everything you need to know when it comes to tracking down documents, filing forms with government entities like the IRS and SSA, completing paperwork, maintaining compliance and more.

Improving the Employee Experience

Improving the Employee Experience

As an employer, staying on top of regulatory changes related to new policy requirements, updated practices and shifting employee priorities is important. When it comes to year-end tax reporting and generating your end-of-year tax statement, ensuring your HR and payroll teams are able to streamline their processes and handle bigger workloads can help improve the employee experience and maintain satisfaction.