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HR professionals discussing unemployment management

Organizations need a partner to customize and support their unemployment cost management program throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Experian Employer Services has experts to provide seamless implementation of our unemployment cost management services, handling your claims and hearings administration, benefiting audit and reconciliation, State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) platform management and more.

  • Recover overpayments
  • Overcome challenges with intuitive workflow
  • Complete hearings representation
  • Remain compliant with regulatory changes

What Experian's Unemployment Management Services Can Do For You

Recover unemployment insurance overpayments

Protect your business against incorrect unemployment benefit charging and overpayments. Each state may make mistakes by charging the incorrect employers or by charging too many weeks of benefits. You can recoup overpayments with our unemployment management system to examine your current charges, tax structure, policies and practices while our analysts perform constant unemployment insurance audits of the account to ensure only qualified claimants collect benefits.

Overcome unemployment cost management challenges

Transform the way you manage UI claims and taxes to focus on bigger, more pressing business challenges. Our unemployment management solution is designed to streamline the process of managing unemployment insurance claims, appeals, and wage determinations, freeing you to focus on solving pressing business challenges. Based on relevant unemployment information, our team of analysts handles the entire unemployment claims management process on your behalf.

Enjoy a complete hearings representation

Reduce the uncertainty of unemployment hearings. If you need to appeal an unemployment decision and request a hearing, our experienced staff handles the process: clearly identifies key issues of the hearing, secures the appropriate witnesses, and ensures administrative items are filed correctly and in a timely manner.

Remain compliant with changes in the regulatory environment

Ensure the highest level of service and support with experts in the regulations and bureaucracy associated with unemployment claims. Changing federal and state regulations place an ever-increasing burden on your staff responsible for completing the work correctly and on time. To help you resolve this, we keep them informed and trained to handle unemployment management-related situations effortlessly.

Implement an intuitive workflow

Improve multiple aspects of your unemployment cost management services with the following advantages: eliminate paperwork; error-free claim responses to state agencies; easy access to supporting documentation; prioritize responses to claims by the due date; acquire real-time global and segmented reports; improve performance and compliance rate with a merit-based system.

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