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Experian Employer Services is your partner in strategic and compliant tax credit management. We handle the following tax credits on your behalf to maximize your possible return and improve your bottom line:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  • Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC)
  • Research and Development Tax Credit (R&D)
  • Disaster Zone Tax Credit
  • Family Medical Leave Act Tax Credit


What Our Tax Credit Management Services Can Do For You

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Management

Outsource WOTC management to claim uncaptured WOTC benefits. Shift the burden of research, administration and compliance processes away from your team. Streamline the pre-employment screening to maintain compliance and reduce friction during the job application process. Our smart, online WOTC survey combines both 8850 and 9061 forms to elevate the user experience and simplify the process. Our team takes charge of WOTC management at every stage of the process - including submission, reporting, audit preparations and credit forecasts to increase your organization’s eligibility while achieving maximum efficiency, security and compliance.

Employee Retention Tax Credit Management

Take advantage of one of the largest tax credit programs for businesses and add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. Let us handle the Employee Retention Credit on your behalf to maximize the eligibility while reducing your resources dedicated to it. 

Our team manages the entire ERC process and turns complex tax credits procedures into a streamlined experience. We rely on cutting-edge technology solutions to make ERC worth your while and support you at every step of the process, reducing the need for your involvement and freeing up your team to focus on higher-value tasks. 

Research and Development Tax Credit

The R&D tax credit has changed significantly over the years. The R&D tax credit currently allows companies to claim tax credits for research and development dollars spent on in-house wages, contractors, and materials related to R&D, qualifying your business for reductions to current and future tax liabilities. With R&D tax credits, you can hire new staff, design new products, improve existing products and extend operations. However, frequently changing tax regulations are difficult for any accounting department to accurately track. Fortunately, you don’t have to attempt the process yourself. Experian Employer Services has years of experience helping companies take advantage of tax benefits to help you receive your full R&D credits.

Benefit from other tax credits and incentives

You shouldn’t stop at WOTC, ERC and R&D. With our professional management, tax credits and incentives provided through state and federal programs can benefit your business, including Sales and Use Tax Incentives, Disaster Zone Tax Credit, Family Medical Leave Act Tax Credit, 179D Tax Reduction, Cost Segregation and many others.

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