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5 women representing diversity in the workplace

Refining Your DEI & B Hiring Practices

July 23 @ 1PM CT

Employers are frequently turning to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B) goals as a strategy to improve overall employee satisfaction. By strengthening diversity and belonging in the workplace, employers can inspire stronger commitments from all individuals, improve camaraderie and overall performance. However, setting and achieving DEI&B goals requires careful planning and an understanding of all the tools at an employer’s disposal. This webinar from Experian Employer Services and UKG will cover several ways employers can set, measure and achieve their DEI&B goals to attract, grow and retain top talent.

q3 alerts: workforce compliance & legislative updates government building with sunset

Q3 Alerts: Workforce Compliance & Legislative Updates

August 13 @ 1PM CT

Join our quarterly webinar to stay informed on critical legislative and regulatory happenings from federal and state governments and agencies impacting HR, Payroll, and Tax compliance. Hybrid workforces with employees all over the U.S. make it more difficult to keep track of key developments, but Experian Employer Services' compliance experts have a great summary waiting for you! Save your seat today for key developments that may impact you and your workforce compliance.

Past webinars

Browse our collection of past webinars, where you can learn about I-9 compliance, tips for navigating the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and more.

On-demand webinars

On-demand webinars

I-9 webinars

I-9 webinars

ERC webinars

ERC webinars

White Papers and e-Books

For in-depth looks at employer compliance requirements, read through our comprehensive white papers and e-books that delve into tips on improving compliance throughout your organization by streamlining processes that save you time and money. Our library contains white papers on claiming the ERC and how to prepare for an IRS audit, as well as topics like responding to employment verification requests and avoiding costly errors by creating a secure verification fulfillment process. You can also find e-books on preparing for I-9 audits and unemployment insurance (UI) to stay up-to-date on industry best practices.


Product Briefs

Learn more about how Experian Employer Services solutions can benefit your organization with our product briefs, offering insight into ways we can help employers save time and money while improving compliance across the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. Our goal is to help employers help their employees. Find out how we achieve this goal and can support your initiatives today.



Thought Leadership

At Experian Employer Services, our professional team consists of thought leaders with decades of experience in industry best practices, human resources (HR), compliance tips, tax news and updates. Browse our thought leadership blog to find digestible articles on important topics like recent Form W-2 updates, ERC compliance regulations, navigating E-Verify, ACA noncompliance penalties and more.

ACA compliance thought leadership

ACA Reporting

Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting provides detailed information about your employees’ health insurance coverage. As a requirement by the IRS, reporting ACA information on time and accurately is a must. Explore our collection of blogs on employee eligibility, coverage offerings, health insurance options, and more.

Human resources thought leadership

HR and Culture

Your HR department plays a vital role in the running of your organization and company culture. Our articles on HR and culture span a wide array of topics. Learn about HR’s role in the onboarding process, their responsibility for responding to verification requests, tips for improving employee retention, setting up a compliance program and much more.

i9 compliance resources

I-9 Compliance

As an employer, ensuring your employees are authorized to work in the United States is a primary responsibility. Our guides on I-9 compliance walk you through everything you need to know about the I-9 process. Explore guides on how to conduct remote I-9 verification, tips for preparing and handling an I-9 audit, new updates to I-9 forms and other I-9 compliance-related topics.

Tax credit management resources

Tax Credit Management

Taking advantage of the various federal tax credits can help your organization save money and protect your bottom line. Through our tax credit management resources, you can better understand the eligibility requirements, deadlines, misconceptions, and other pertinent information surrounding tax credits, such as the WOTC, Research and Development Credit and the ERC.

Unemployment cost management resources

Unemployment Cost Management

Unemployment cost management focuses on controlling and minimizing the expenses that come with unemployment insurance claims. Our unemployment cost management blogs dive into strategies for effective claims management, how to contest inaccurate claims and proactive measures to lower your unemployment costs as an employer.

Verification fulfillment resources

Verification Fulfillment

When you bring on new hires, it’s important to verify that they are who they say they are. Read through our in-depth resources on verification fulfillment, where you will learn about the process of confirming the accuracy of information provided by employees and potential new hires, as well as tips on avoiding fraudulent employment verification and tips for verification fulfillment compliance.