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Verification fulfillment needs are higher than ever and affect talent acquisition and retention. Why improve the verification process? HR leaders can reverse the trend of employees looking for new jobs by improving responsiveness for employment or income verification and increasing security. This shows your employees you care about their major life decisions while valuing the privacy of their information.

  • Fast verification fulfillment
  • Top-of-the-line security
  • Data shared only with employee-consent

What Verification Fulfillment can do for you

Streamline your income and employment verification process

Automate the verification of your employees using the most contemporary solution on the market. Streamline the workflow by allowing verifiers to submit verification requests to Experian directly and allow a safe, express-consent-driven process for them. Whether it’s income verification, employment verification, social service request, or a custom verification letter, our system covers everything. Eliminate all internal manual verification labor and shift the cost away from your company towards the verifiers. 

Maintain complete compliance with data privacy laws

Our solution is 100% compliant with all federal and state privacy acts and laws and ensures the data is given only to verifiers with a permissible purpose and with the express consent of your employees. Ensure maximum security of your employees’ personal data with the help of the most contemporary security protocols and measures.

Verify your international employees with ease

Our solution automates the verification of your employees anywhere in the world. The international solution is adjusted to meet the privacy laws and regulations of each country where we provide the service, providing you and your employees’ peace of mind while eliminating the complexities of the process for all parties and the resources your company invests in international verification.

A smooth verification process for all parties

Ensure a seamless user experience for both verifiers and employees. From the moment the users log in, they are guided through a thoughtfully created workflow guaranteeing a swift verification completion. Verifiers can obtain verification immediately - 24/7 - whereas the employees decide to allow the verifier access to their data by approving their request and providing the additional information needed. Our customer support team is will help with any issues, eliminating the burden on your team.

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