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Year-End Statements

Streamline the year-end payroll process with our solution. We can improve the efficiency of your payroll tax process and make balancing, reconciling and delivering your year-end statements nearly effortless for your payroll team.

Employment Tax

Lift the burden off internal resources with our payroll tax solution to run payroll properly on an employee’s first day and meets legal deadlines to ensure compliance. Our process keeps you informed while allowing your internal resources to focus on higher-value tasks.

I-9 Administration

Streamline your I-9 administration with our solution to create a mistake-free workflow. We help you stay one step ahead of a mistake and warn you of any missing data or possible issues to reduce your audit risk. Implementing a high-quality I-9 administrative program eliminates the pressure of timely I-9 submissions and leaves more time for employee orientation to improve their overall experience.

Tax Credits

Experian Employer Services is your partner in strategic and compliant tax credits management. We handle the following tax credits on your behalf: Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC); Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC); Research and Development Tax Credit (R&D); Sales and Use Tax Incentives; Disaster Zone Tax Credit; Family Medical Leave Act Tax Credit.

Unemployment Management

Organizations need a partner to customize and support their unemployment management program throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Experian Employer Services has experts to provide seamless implementation of our unemployment solutions, handling your claims and hearings administration, benefiting audit and reconciliation, SIDES platform management and more.

Verification Fulfillment

Employment verification needs are higher than ever and affect talent acquisition and retention. Why improve the verification process? HR leaders can reverse the trend of employees looking for new jobs by improving responsiveness for employment or income verification and increasing security. This shows your employees you care about their major life decisions while valuing the privacy of their information.

Tax Withholding

Create a compliant and stress-free tax withholding process. Our tax withholding forms help payroll managers improve the experience for employees and reduce the time it takes to find new legislation, update and assign forms without the guesswork.

ACA Reporting

Ensure timely delivery of your ACA statements with complete fulfillment of 1095-B and C forms for both electronic or print and mail. Maintain compliance with ever-changing government statutes and state-mandated reporting in CA, DC, NJ & RI. Workday Built integration enables users to manage printing and mailing.

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