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Our payroll tax professionals are leaders in the industry and provide strategic tax consulting to guide our clients through the complex environment of federal, state and local payroll taxes.

We work hard to ensure all our services utilize “best-in-class” technology, maintain high level security protocols, avoids unnecessary disruptions to both internal processes and third-party payroll providers and provides constant and meaningful updates on a regular basis. A brief overview of our standard services is provided below for reference. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in learning more. 

  • Account compliance
  • Consulting
  • Lookback
  • Merger & Acquisition

What Employment Tax can do for you

Payroll Tax Account Compliance Services

It can be extremely difficult to properly maintain federal and state payroll tax accounts, especially during periods of expansion or significant employee growth. Our Payroll Tax Account Compliance Services help employers prepare and file the following tax forms: account registration, account update, account closure, SUI succession/transfer, etc. Our industry-leading payroll tax succession software allows us to operate quickly and efficiently all while providing real-time updates to the Client through an interactive portal.  

Payroll Tax Consulting Services

The diverse rules and filing requirements for each distinct tax type makes the overall payroll taxes ecosystem inherently complex.  Our Payroll Tax Consulting Services help employers navigate complex issues, support the payroll tax process, and/or resolve payroll tax issues on an as-needed basis.  Such issues may include, but are not limited to, the following: remote work, nonresident withholding, tax forms/amendments, tax notices/inquiries, penalty abatements, internal policies/processes, etc. These services are designed to supplement, not replace, your existing payroll tax provider.

Payroll Tax Lookback Services

Payroll tax is a primary revenue source for both the Federal and state governments. However, many employers are unable to give payroll the attention it demands and, as a result, frequently leave room for tax refunds and cost-saving opportunities. Our Payroll Tax Lookback Services are designed to broadly identify and help secure such benefits in the following areas:  M&A review, SUI tax optimization, earning and deduction code review, federal and state transcript scrubs, penalty abatements, retroactive employee tax credit, and other miscellaneous issues. This type of lookback review can not only generate significant “above-the-line benefits” but can serve as an overall health check for the payroll tax function as a whole. 

Payroll Tax Merger & Acquisition Services

The payroll tax issues arising in a merger or acquisition are time-sensitive, complex, and potentially costly. Our Payroll Tax Merger & Acquisition Services can help navigate such complexity, alleviate the compliance burden on internal teams and identify and secure potentially significant cost-saving opportunities. Our Payroll Tax Merger & Acquisition Services include, but are not limited to, the following:  federal and state successor analysis/implementation, account compliance services, due diligence review, earning & deduction code standardization, and payroll tax process harmonization. Our industry-leading payroll tax succession software allows us to prioritize tasks, monitor overlapping processes/priorities, and streamline state and local reporting while regularly providing the client with real-time updates. 

State Unemployment Tax Services

Unemployment taxes are unique as it is the only payroll tax with a “controllable tax rate” (i.e., your turnover and compliance history have a direct impact on your assigned tax rate). Employers should focus on reducing or maintaining their state unemployment tax rates from year to year. Our State Unemployment Tax Services can help with services including, but not limited to: tax rate confirmations, tax rate projections, compliance audits, voluntary contribution / joint account reviews, benefit charge reviews, experience rate transfer reviews, and wage base duplication. 

“Best in class” technology

For all our services we maintain high-level security protocols to protect your data. Our systems avoid unnecessary disruptions to both internal processes and third-party payroll providers for a seamless experience. Constant and meaningful updates ensure you experience the highest quality.

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