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Innovation with People Front and Center

Our team of experts are building a new approach to Employer Services, together—with our clients, our alliance partners and each other. Today, we offer all the critical solutions that HR, payroll and tax professionals count on. 

But our true focus is on continuous improvement and a relentless spirit of innovation that keeps people front and center. Building new solutions & bringing proactive expertise…before our clients even realize they need it. 

Employers play a key role in some of the most important decisions in an employee’s life – starting a new job, leaving an existing job, qualifying to purchase a new home or car, and other major family milestones. Our mission is to enable consumers to move forward, both in their careers and during these big life moments. Every day at Experian Employer Services, we’re making moves to better serve employers, serving employees.

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Building Together to Bring Forward the Best Employer Services Experiences

Experian was invited into the Employer Services space by employers seeking a better service experience for them and their employees and a better way to do business. For more than 125 years, Experian has helped people and economies flourish – and now we’re bringing that legacy of success to the employer services space.

Experian believes employees are an organization’s greatest asset and investment. Yet, many employers are struggling to deliver a quality employee experience for the hybrid, multi-generational U.S. workforce. Experian Employer Services delivers a combined suite of innovative and people-centric solutions with a level of service the HR compliance market was lacking. We’re driven by a clear vision:

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Employer Services Innovation that Keeps People Front and Center

We apply this vision to everything, from the technologies we leverage, to the way we show up for partners. We get things done before you need them; bring you expertise on industry news and landscape changes before you see them; and take initiative to improve your experience before you ask us. We’re always working behind the scenes to make internal processes better and improvements that our clients don’t necessarily see, but can feel in the way we serve.

Delivering Value

Our solutions address the complete employee lifecycle: onboarding, ongoing, offboarding.

Year-End Statements

As you near the end of the year, ensuring your payroll taxes and other financial documents are correctly filed is crucial. Experian Employer Services makes it easy to prepare your year-end statements, allowing you to streamline your payroll process and free up time for your team. From balancing to reconciling and delivering your year-end statements, our employer solutions services can help.

Payroll Tax

Lift the burden off internal resources with our payroll tax solution to run payroll properly on an employee's first day and meet legal deadlines to ensure compliance. Our process keeps you informed while allowing your internal resources to focus on higher-value tasks.

ACA Reporting

Ensure timely delivery of your ACA statements with complete fulfillment of 1095-B and C forms for both electronic or print and mail. Maintain compliance with ever-changing government statutes and state-mandated reporting in CA, DC, NJ & RI. Workday Built integration enables users to manage printing and mailing. 

I-9 Administration

Streamline your I-9 administration with our solution to create a mistake­free workflow. We help you stay one step ahead of a mistake and warn you of any missing data or possible issues to reduce your audit risk. Implementing a high-quality I-9 administrative program eliminates the pressure of timely I-9 submissions and leaves more time for employee orientation to improve their overall experience.

Tax Credits

Experian Employer Services is your partner in strategic and compliant tax credits management. We handle the following tax credits on your behalf: Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC); Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC); Research and Development Tax Credit (R&D); Sales and Use Tax Incentives; Disaster Zone Tax Credit; Family Medical Leave Act Tax Credit.

Unemployment Management

Organizations need a partner to customize and support their unemployment management program throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Experian Employer Services has experts to provide seamless implementation of our unemployment solutions, handling your claims and hearings administration, benefiting audit and reconciliation, SIDES platform management and more. 

Verification Fulfillment

Fast verification fulfillment is an essential way businesses support their employees during big life events. Using our employer solutions service for verification fulfillment improves the overall employee experience with top-of-the-line data security, giving them valuable peace of mind when they’re buying a new home or other major changes. You can build trust and privacy with your employees when they are supported by a fast and secure income and employment verification process with Experian Employer Services.

Tax Withholding

Create a compliant and stress-free tax withholding process. Our tax withholding forms help payroll managers improve the experience for employees and reduce the time it takes to find new legislation, update and assign forms without the guesswork.

Changing The Ways of Workforce Management

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While the employer services industry has sought innovation for a long time, the pandemic underlined and strengthened some of the biggest challenges employers were facing and signaled the gaps waiting to be filled in. Unemployment seeing the highest rates since the Great Depression, trying to maintain compliance while working from home, legislation updates - pushed us towards a new set of workforce management challenges.  

It was the right time to start creating innovative strategies to help employers capitalize on workforce management while they redirect their internal resources towards their business goals.

With dedicated investments in innovation, we are committed to building long-term, contemporary, scalable technology solutions and delivering our services with utmost accuracy, data security and process transparency.  

As an internationally renowned company, Experian is recognized as more than a credit bureau and praised by both clients and industries for delivering world-class services. We are dedicated to bringing this innovative mindset which differentiates us on the market to the employer services division, using it to create a series of streamlined, automated solutions powered by the most dedicated subject matter experts and the most reliable customer service on the market.

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