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Recently, Experian decided to enter the employer services market.

Company owner at his desk, discussing workforce management options during a corporate conference call

Our Vision

Listening to our clients’ feedback, questions, concerns, and requests - we decided to expand to workforce management solutions as we continue to nurture valuable and respectful partnerships with our corporate clients.

Workforce management should be about simplifying the processes of providing employees with needed paperwork while respecting their time, private lives, and data privacy, and communicating with government agencies to ensure legality and compliance. However, the scale at which enterprise-level companies need to handle all this makes the process cumbersome, expensive and exhaustive.

Our vision is to invest in innovation and provide workforce management solutions of grand scale powered by high-touch customer support, while we fill in the gaps in the current market to address our clients’ greatest pain points.

To make this vision a reality, we set out to find the greatest industry disruptors and innovators on the employer services market. 

Company owner at his desk, discussing workforce management options during a corporate conference call
Business colleagues discussing project in office

The Industry’s Best & Most Trusted Providers Are Part of Experian Employer Services

We found the best partners in the industry to create the most efficient and streamlined offer to employers across the US. 

Our team of companies is renowned for applying innovative solutions to difficult problems, providing our clients with an unmatched workforce management expertise: Emptech, CIC PlusCorporate Cost Control (CCC) and Tax Credit Co. (TCC). Each of these companies has a highly trusted reputation and is proud to have some of the most recognizable brands worldwide on their client list.

We are now coming together and leveraging our abilities, knowledge, and innovation skills to provide scalable, secure, transparent, and automated workforce management solutions.

Business colleagues discussing project in office

Our Products

At Experian Employer Services, we help employers across various industries streamline the complex workforce management processes through the following products:

ACA Reporting

Remaining compliant with the ACA is essential for any business. Experian Employer Services ensures timely ACA statement delivery and can fulfill 1095-B and C forms electronically and by mail. Your team can also remain compliant with ever-changing government statutes and state-mandated reporting in jurisdictions like CA, DC, NJ, and RI. Our Workday Built integration allows users to manage their printing and mailing to ensure timely delivery.

I-9 Administration

The federal government requires all employers to verify their employee’s identity and employment authorization with an I-9 Form. Experian Employer Services’ I-9 administration solution allows you to create a streamlined workflow. With our solution, you can avoid mistakes, such as missing data or inaccuracies, that can potentially lead to an audit. Using our I-9 administrative program allows you to reduce pressure on your team to meet timely I-9 submissions to improve your new hires’ overall experience.

Payroll Tax

From small businesses to large corporations, running a compliant payroll process can be challenging. Our payroll tax solution makes it easy for teams to run payroll correctly every day of the year, from an employee’s first day to strict legal deadlines that need to be met to remain compliant. With our payroll process on your side, your internal team can focus on higher-value tasks that benefit your organization.

Tax Credits

Running an organization, big or small, comes with many expenses that subtract from your bottom line. Our employer solutions for tax credit services help you determine your eligibility for tax incentives to keep more money for your business. Our compliant tax credits management solution can help you apply for the following tax credits: Disaster Zone Tax Credit; Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Tax Credit; Research and Development Tax Credit (R&D), Sales and Use Tax Incentives; Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

Tax Withholding

Don’t let the tax withholding process add stress to your team. Our compliant tax withholding solution gives you necessary forms to improve the overall employee experience while eliminating the guesswork. Experian Employer Services makes it easy to keep up with new legislation, in addition to updating and assigning forms to free time for your payroll team.

Unemployment Management

An unemployment management program can benefit organizations throughout the entire employment lifecycle. Experian Employer Services has specialists who can administer your claims and hearings, assist with SIDES platform management and conduct regular audits to ensure only qualified claimants receive their benefits.

Verification Fulfillment

Fast verification fulfillment is an essential way businesses support their employees during big life events. Using our employer solutions service for verification fulfillment improves the overall employee experience with top-of-the-line data security, giving them valuable peace of mind when they’re buying a new home or other major changes. You can build trust and privacy with your employees when they are supported by a fast and secure income and employment verification process with Experian Employer Services.

Year-End Statements

As you near the end of the year, ensuring your payroll taxes and other financial documents are correctly filed is crucial. Experian Employer Services makes it easy to prepare your year-end statements, allowing you to streamline your payroll process and free up time for your team. From balancing to reconciling and delivering your year-end statements, our employer solutions services can help.

Changing The Ways of Workforce Management

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While the employer services industry has sought innovation for a long time, the pandemic underlined and strengthened some of the biggest challenges employers were facing and signaled the gaps waiting to be filled in. Unemployment seeing the highest rates since the Great Depression, trying to maintain compliance while working from home, legislation updates - pushed us towards a new set of workforce management challenges.  

It was the right time to start creating innovative strategies to help employers capitalize on workforce management while they redirect their internal resources towards their business goals.

With dedicated investments in innovation, we are committed to building long-term, contemporary, scalable technology solutions and delivering our services with utmost accuracy, data security and process transparency.  

As an internationally renowned company, Experian is recognized as more than a credit bureau and praised by both clients and industries for delivering world-class services. We are dedicated to bringing this innovative mindset which differentiates us on the market to the employer services division, using it to create a series of streamlined, automated solutions powered by the most dedicated subject matter experts and the most reliable customer service on the market.

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