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End-to-end Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting made simple. Complete fulfillment of 1095-B and C forms for both electronic or print and mail to file statements on time and in compliance with the IRS and state-specific formats.

  • Timely delivery for employees in advance of tax season
  • Compliant with ever changing government statutes
  • 1094 preparation and transmission
  • State mandated reporting currently offered in CA, DC, NJ and RI
  • Workday users can manage printing and mailing through our Workday Built integration


What Our ACA Reporting Services Can Do For You

Timely Delivery of 1095-C Forms to Employees

We manage all the details of producing and delivering your ACA statements directly to your employees before tax season. Your 1094-B/1095-B and C forms are validated against IRS business rules to ensure compliance and employees can receive their ACA statement electronically after opt-in.

Seamless ACA Reporting from Workday

Experian Employer Services offers a Workday Built integration for ACA Reporting making it easy to coordinate print & delivery of ACA statements from the Workday platform. This turnkey process enables your employees’ ACA data to be fed directly to us for the fulfillment, saving you valuable time preparing data files for reporting. 

Fulfill All State ACA Reporting Requirements

Our ACA reporting service assists with preparing ACA information that employers will need to submit to the IRS and state-specific formats for CA, DC, NJ and RI.


ACA compliance reporting services you can count on

Rely on the experience of a leader in ACA reporting that managed the production of 10.5 million ACA statements for the 2021 tax season and ensure full compliance with all ACA reporting guidelines.

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