End-to-end Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting made simple. Complete fulfillment of 1095-B and C forms for both electronic or print and mail to file statements on time and in compliance with the IRS and state-specific formats.

  • Timely delivery for employees in advance of tax season
  • Compliant with ever changing government statutes
  • 1094 preparation and transmission
  • State mandated reporting currently offered in CA, DC, NJ and RI
  • Workday users can manage printing and mailing, as well as IRS and state file generation, through our Workday Badge Certified integration.

Simplify ACA and W-2 Year-End Reporting

Year-end can be a challenging time for tax and payroll professionals. Their heavy workload includes numerous reporting requirements such as Affordable Care Act (ACA) & W-2 Tax Statements. Rather than merely survive this busy time of year, there are steps employers can take to streamline processes while also improve compliance. We will review ACA processes at both the Federal and state levels and delve into reasons the process continues to pose challenges for employers with ways to help solve those challenges. We will also cover how to efficiently manage the W-2 process to ensure compliance and employee satisfaction.

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What Our ACA Reporting Services Can Do For You

Timely Delivery of 1095-C Forms to Employees

We manage all the details of producing and delivering your ACA statements directly to your employees before tax season. Your 1094-B/1095-B and C forms are validated against IRS business rules to ensure compliance and employees can receive their ACA statement electronically after opt-in.

Seamless ACA Reporting from Workday

Experian Employer Services offers a Workday Badge Certified integration for ACA State Filing & Print/Mail Fulfillment making it easy to support state ACA filing and coordinate print & delivery of ACA statements from the Workday platform. This turnkey process enables your employees’ ACA data to be fed directly to us for the fulfillment, saving you valuable time preparing data files for reporting. Experian also facilitates IRS and State file generation and reporting for CA, DC, NJ and RI, including direct IRS and CA file transmission.

Fulfill All State ACA Reporting Requirements

Our ACA reporting service assists with preparing ACA information that employers will need to submit to the IRS and state-specific formats for CA, DC, NJ and RI.


ACA compliance reporting services you can count on

Rely on the experience of a leader in ACA reporting that managed the production of 11.2 million ACA statements for the 2022 tax season and ensure full compliance with all ACA reporting guidelines.

Why Work With Experian Employer Services for ACA Reporting Services?

ACA reporting is a crucial responsibility for every employer. However, navigating the complex environment of providing detailed information about the health insurance coverage you offer employees can be complex. To maintain compliance, turn to an ACA reporting service like Experian Employer Services. As one of the leading ACA reporting service providers, we make it easy to maintain compliance and ensure you’re carefully completing 1095-B and 1095-C forms, either electronically or by print and mail.

Some of the top reasons to choose ACA compliance reporting services with Experian Employer Services include:

  • Accuracy and efficiency: ACA reporting services help streamline the reporting process and reduce the likelihood of errors that can result in noncompliance penalties. Using specialized software, we help efficiently collect and organize ACA data to relieve the burden on your HR department.
  • Compliance: Our ACA reporting service helps you maintain compliance by ensuring reporting deadlines are met and IRS regulations are followed.
  • Expertise: With our ACA services on your side, you’ll gain access to industry professionals with years of expertise who can help you navigate the complexities of ACA reporting, giving you peace of mind knowing you have the support of experts along the way.
  • Saving time: ACA reporting can be a time-consuming task, taking away valuable time from already busy HR departments. Outsourcing to an ACA reporting service like Experian puts that time back in the hands of your staff by ensuring reporting is handled efficiently.

These are some of the many benefits of turning to Experian Employer Services as your trusted ACA reporting partner. Along with our ACA compliance reporting services, you can leverage the power of our workforce management products, from I-9 administration to verification fulfillment. Experience the benefits of Experian Employer Services by scheduling a demo today.

Experian Employer Services makes ACA reporting compliance easy.

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ACA Reporting Services: FAQs

Remaining compliant with the Affordable Care Act is essential as a business owner. With that said, choosing the right ACA reporting service provider is essential. Some of the top reasons you need to enlist the help of ACA reporting services include:

  • Compliance: The Affordable Care Act created a long list of laws and regulations certain businesses must follow. However, not all companies have the capacity or expertise to ensure their ACA reporting is accurate and compliant. With ACA compliance reporting services, you can ensure you’re following all ACA guidelines to avoid noncompliance penalties and fines.
  • Efficiency: Managing ACA reporting is a complex process and resource intensive. With the right ACA reporting partner, you can gain access to resources and expertise that can streamline complicated processes to improve efficiency.
  • Time-saving: ACA reporting involves a lot of paperwork and strict deadlines. If your current HR team doesn’t have the resources or capacity, missing deadlines and accumulating penalties and fees can happen. With ACA reporting services, you can ensure your ACA reporting is submitted on time.
  • Cost-saving: The ACA reporting process requires a lot of resources and capacity to ensure compliance and deadlines are met, which can be costly. ACA compliance reporting services can help reduce HR costs that can be put toward other areas of your business.

These are just some of the many reasons working with the right ACA reporting service provider can help your business.

At Experian Employer Services, we can satisfy your ACA reporting needs to ensure deadlines are met and compliance is achieved. With our ACA reporting services, we can easily fulfill 1095-B and C forms either electronically or by print and mail, ensure they’re submitted on time and meet IRS and state-specific compliance guidelines.

We offer end-to-end ACA reporting services and an expansive suite of employer services products that can help your organization streamline its workforce management processes. From Employee Benefits Management to I-9 Administration, our employer services can improve your employee life cycle while increasing your bottom line and compliance.

Under the Internal Revenue Code, employers and health insurance providers are required to report information to the IRS about the health insurance coverage they offer their employees. ACA reporting is enforced to ensure employers with 50 or more full-time employees provide them with health insurance coverage.

ACA reporting is required annually and requires employers to provide information such as the number of employees enrolled in health insurance coverage, the cost of coverage and more. Form 1094-C is used to report the employer’s IRS summary information, while form 1095-C is used to report each employee’s coverage. Because ACA reporting requirements can be complex, many companies turn to ACA reporting services like Experian Employer Services, which can ensure compliance and accuracy in navigating ACA reporting requirements.

ACA compliance refers to following the regulations outlined in the Affordable Care Act, such as the employer mandate, individual mandate and reporting requirements. In order to remain in compliance, employers must offer affordable health insurance coverage to their full-time employees. This means tracking employees’ hours to ensure they’re reaching full-time status, reporting that information to the IRS and ensuring employees are getting copies of the required forms. 

The ACA enforces an employer mandate and an individual mandate, which outlines who must comply with the ACA. Under the employer mandate, applicable large employers (ALEs) with 50 or more full-time employees must offer affordable health insurance coverage to all employees who reach full-time status.

The individual mandate is another guideline that requires most individuals to have health insurance. The employer and individual mandate are closely intertwined, but the intricacies of each can be complex. This is where an ACA reporting service provider like Experian Employer Services can help.

While many businesses must fulfill ACA reporting requirements, not every company does.

Under the ACA, applicable large employers with 50 or more full-time employees are required to offer affordable health care coverage. With that said, any business with fewer than 50 full-time employees is not mandated to meet the reporting requirements of the ACA. Additionally, certain groups typically do not need to fulfill ACA reporting requirements, such as most local, state and federal employers as well as certain religious organizations.

The penalty for noncompliance for ACA reporting can vary depending on the rule or regulation that was not followed. However, there are standard penalties that businesses may be subject to for not fulfilling their ACA reporting duties. For example, employers who do not offer Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) to at least 95% of its full-time workforce and at least one full-time employee purchases health care coverage through the Marketplace and receives a Premium Tax Credit is subject to the 4980H(a) penalty, which amounts to $229.17 per month or $2,750 annually for each employee.

Other penalties for not meeting ACA reporting requirements include a Failure to File Penalty, Failure to Furnish Penalty and the 4980H(b) penalty. You can turn to a reliable ACA compliance reporting service like Experian Employer Services to avoid penalties. Contact us today to see how our ACA reporting services can ensure you meet all compliance laws to avoid penalties and fines.


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ACA Reporting Software — Simplifying and Streamlining Compliance

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