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Unrecognized Social Security Number Could Indicate Fraud

Dear Experian,

My Social Security number is reporting incorrectly. How can I get this fixed?


Dear BWR,

To help protect you from identity theft, Experian does not list your correct Social Security number on your personal credit report. However, Experian does list all other Social Security numbers reported as belonging to you.

The variations are listed because they may be signs of fraud that alert you to take action. Usually, though, they are simply the result of a typographical error or someone misreading an application form.

If there are other indicators of fraud in addition to one or more Social Security numbers that are not yours - such as names or addresses that you don't recognize or accounts that don't belong to you - follow the instructions on your report to contact Experian for help.

If the variation is clearly not the result of fraud, you should contact the creditor that reported the variation and ask them to correct their records. After the creditor updates its records, the new information will be reported to Experian and your credit report will be updated.

If you are unsure as to which of your creditors reported the variation, you can call the toll-free telephone number provided on your credit report for additional assistance. If the variation is not associated with one of your accounts, Experian can delete it upon your request. Learn more about How to Dispute Credit Report Information.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team