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Luxury Card™ Mastercard® Titanium Card™: When Style Matters Most

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The Luxury Card™ Mastercard® Titanium Card™ adds some weight to your wallet—but is light on other perks you'd expect with a luxury credit card. While its $195 annual fee is the lowest of the three Luxury Card options, the card also has the fewest benefits of the bunch. The 15-month 0% annual percentage rate (APR) intro balance transfer rate may be appealing if you're looking to pay off another credit card balance, but you can find other balance transfer cards with better offers.

No foreign transaction feesPoor rewards rates
Introductory balance transfer APRNo intro bonus
Metal card constructionHigh annual fee
Lacks premium benefits

Experian Review

Its $195 annual fee and name make it seem as though the Luxury Card™ Mastercard® Titanium Card™ should sit shoulder-to-shoulder with premium credit cards. And compared with premium cards that charge $250 to $550 a year, it is a less expensive option if you only consider the annual fee. However, premium cards often offer valuable benefits, such as statement credits, luxury travel perks and loyalty program status. The Mastercard® Titanium Card™ falls flat on even basic benefits.

Rewards Are Best for Airfare

Using the Luxury Card™ Mastercard® Titanium Card™, you'll earn 1 point per dollar spent on all purchases. There are several options for redeeming your points, including gift cards and merchandise, but cash back and travel redemptions may offer the most value.

Mastercard® Titanium Card™ points are worth 1 cent each when redeemed for cash back and 2 cents each when you use the points to book airfare through Luxury Card.

Luxury Card highlights how these redemption rates beat what you'll receive from other premium cards. With several other cards, for example, your points are only worth 1 cent or 1.5 cents each when redeemed for airfare, rather than 2 cents each. This glosses over the earnings rate and redemption options, however.

With the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card, for example, your points may be worth 1.5 cents each, but you get that rate when booking many kinds of travel, not only airfare. Additionally, you can earn 3 points per dollar spent on travel and dining, rather than 1 point per dollar on everything. And while the Chase Sapphire Reserve® has a $450 annual fee, you receive $300 in statement credits for travel that could bring your net cost down to $150—$45 below the fee for the Luxury Card™ Mastercard® Titanium Card™.

If cash back is more your thing, the 1% cash back rate you get using the Mastercard® Titanium Card™ doesn't hold up against the competition, either.

Many card issuers offer cards with 1.5% cash back on all purchases and no annual fee. Several cards without annual fees also give you 2% cash back on purchases, including the Citi® Double Cash Card (you receive 1% cash back on each purchase and another 1% as you pay it off).

Few Luxury Card Benefits

In Luxury Card's side-by-side comparison of its three cards, you'll see that the Mastercard® Titanium Card™ lacks many of the cardholder benefits that can make travel more enjoyable and less expensive.

It offers no travel-related statement credits or reimbursements for a TSA Precheck or Global Entry membership (which can help you access shorter airport security, immigration and customs lines). You also won't receive a Priority Pass membership, which gives you access to airport lounges around the world. These common benefits found on premium travel rewards cards are part of what makes spending hundreds of dollars on annual fees worth it.

The Mastercard® Titanium Card™ does offer a few perks, such as a Luxury Magazine subscription, access to a concierge service and extra benefits on select hotel bookings. Many basic and premium cards offer similar concierge services and hotel benefits, however.

Travel and Purchase Benefits

The Mastercard® Titanium Card™ isn't completely lacking when it comes to benefits, and a few could save you money. Just keep in mind these benefits come from Mastercard rather than Luxury Card, and can be found on any Mastercard World Elite credit card:

  • Cellphone protection if you use your card to pay your cellphone bill and your phone is damaged or stolen.
  • Up to $100 a day (for up to three days) if your bags are delayed by four or more hours when you travel.
  • Complimentary accidental death and dismemberment insurance on travel you book with the card.
  • Secondary rental car insurance that could cover expenses if the car is damaged or stolen.
  • A $10 Lyft credit after using your card to take five eligible Lyft rides during the same calendar month.

The card offers other benefits and protections as well, including discounts on Postmates orders and zero liability for unauthorized purchases. You can find more details on Mastercard's website and on the Luxury Card site.

A Stainless Steel Card, Promotional Financing and Other Benefits

Cardholders may find a few additional perks appealing. For starters, the metal card has a stainless steel front and carbon back and is one of the heaviest premium cards available—it could raise eyebrows when you hand it over to a waiter or at a checkout line.

As a new cardholder, you also receive a 0% introductory APR on balances transferred to your account within 45 days of opening your new card. The introductory rate lasts for 15 months, and could help you pay down credit card balances without accruing interest. However, card purchases will accrue interest at the standard purchase APR.

If you're solely focused on quickly paying down balances, other balance transfer credit cards that don't have annual fees or balance transfer fees could be better options.

Once you receive your card, you can use the Luxury Card app on iOS or Android to manage your account. The app offers basic account management tools, such as the ability to check your account balance and set up payments. The Luxury Card-specific features stand out, including the option to chat with a concierge directly from the app, book travel and explore Luxury Card's curated lists of events and experiences.

Additional Info

Purchase APR: 16.49%Grace period: 23 days
Transfer APR: 0% for 15 months for transfers that post to your account within 45 days of opening your account; 16.49% for transfers that post after that dateAnnual fee: $195
Cash advance APR: 26.74%Balance transfer fee: 3% ($5 minimum)
Minimum interest charge: $0.50Cash advance fee: 5% ($10 minimum)
Foreign transaction fee: None
Late payment fee: Up to $39
Returned payment fee: Up to $39
Customer service contact info


7 a.m.—12 a.m. EST

7 Days a Week

Authorized-User Policy

You can add someone else as an authorized user on your Luxury Card™ Mastercard® Titanium Card™ account—as long as you're willing to pay $95 per authorized user. You'll receive all the points that come from the authorized user's purchases, but you'll also be responsible for paying the bill for the entire account. So make sure you spell out to the authorized user that they will be expected to cover any purchases they make on the card.

Is This Card Right for You?

Few if any credit cards fit everyone's needs and wants. However, whether it's a card with travel perks, cash back or no annual fee, most cards can be a good fit for the right person.

It's hard to figure out who that might be for the Luxury Card™ Mastercard® Titanium Card™. Despite its $195 annual fee, the card's basic rewards program and benefits put it in line (or behind) much of the non-premium competition. Overall, you may be better off with a rewards card that doesn't have an annual fee or a premium card that offers premium benefits.