Charges Sent to Collection in Error

Dear Experian,

I disputed a charge off on my credit report and have a letter from the company stating the "charges were sent to collections in error," how can I get this letter to you?


Dear KLB,

Ideally, both the lender and the collection agency should have reported the correction to Experian and any other credit reporting companies to which they had reported the account.

It sounds like you disputed the charge off with the lender rather than the credit reporting company. If so, the next step is to request your personal credit report directly from Experian.

You can request a free report once every 12 months at You may also qualify for a free report under the FCRA if you have had adverse action taken, are unemployed and seeking employment, receive welfare assistant or believe you may be a victim of fraud.

Once you have the report you will be able to see exactly how the account is being reported. The account status may already have changed. If not, the report will include a mailing address to which you can send the letter. Along with the letter, send a description detailing which item(s) you are disputing and why.

A charge off indicates the debt owed was written off as a loss by the creditor. A collection account means the debt was sold or transferred to another company or department for the purpose of collecting the debt. If both the original creditor account and the collection agency account are appearing on your report, please indicate whether you are disputing one or the other or both. Also include the credit report number from the report you received and your identification information.

It is also a good idea to ask the creditor to update its account information directly with the credit reporting agencies. If the original creditor is indicating that it made an error in sending the debt to a collection agency, make sure they have notified the collection agency as well, so that they will cease their collection efforts and correct their records so that the account is no longer reported in your name.

Thanks for asking.
- The "Ask Experian" team

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