Changing the Phone Number in a Fraud Alert

CAPS - Fraud Alert
Dear Experian,

How do I go about changing my telephone number? Creditors have denied me credit because the phone number on my alert is not updated. How do I remove a fraud alert?


Dear KYC,

Fraud alerts notify a creditor that you may be a victim of identity theft, and request the creditor to contact the number on the alert to verify that it is you applying for credit, and not the fraudster. If you have changed phone numbers, but have not updated the number on the alert, the creditors will be unable to reach you when they call. They are not likely to approve the credit application if they can't verify that the application isn't fraudulent.

To change the number listed on a fraud alert, you should call the phone number listed on your report, and a representative will assist you. You can request a free credit report from the credit reporting company used by the lender if your application has been declined or other adverse action has been taken. The lender must provide an adverse action notice explaining how to do so. In some instances, you may be required to provide proof of your identity and proof of the new telephone number in order to make the change.

If you wish to have the fraud alert removed, you will need to submit the request in writing, along with two copies of proof of identification. You will find a form to request removal of the alert at Experian's Fraud Center. Simply select "Removing a fraud alert" and follow the instructions on the form. No fee is required.

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