Audio: Fighting Holiday Identity Theft

Fighting fraudsters is probably one of the furthest things from your mind while decking holiday halls (along with exact metric conversions and political primaries), but don't let good practices you've kept up all year long go off the rails now. The holidays are a busy time for opportunistic schemers, who know your calendar is full. Refresh on a few ways to help keep your information secure while shopping this holiday season whether in-store or online.

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How can I help keep my identity secure through the holidays?

Since the holidays are the busiest time of the year for many people, it's no surprise that normally good identity protection measures often go out the window at the year's end. How can you stay on top of your information when you're short on time with a list as long as Santa's? Make sure these practices are a part of your holidaymaking:

- Shop secure websites that protect shopper information

- Keep your wallet light and carry only what you need — leave extra cards at home

- Shop the web from home over your secured connection and avoid sharing any of your information over public WiFi networks

In the frenzy of the holidays, we can sacrifice good security procedures for convenience. Don't get tricked into giving out your information, and make sure to check over your credit report and statements for credit you didn't authorize.