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Security Freeze Basics

What is a security freeze?

A security freeze is a step you take to prevent credit, loans and services from being opened in your name without your permission. You will need to request a freeze with us and the other credit reporting companies. It is important to know that if you place a security freeze on your credit report, businesses will not be able to obtain a copy of your report in connection with any new applications for credit. Before you apply for new credit, you will need to temporarily lift the security freeze following the procedures below.

How do I set up a security freeze?

The process to place a security freeze requires that you directly contact us online, by phone or through the mail.

Types of information you should be prepared with:

  • Your full name, including middle initial and suffix, such as Jr., Sr. II, III
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Current address
  • Complete addresses for the past two years
  • Email address
  • A copy of a government-issued identification card, such as a driver's license or state ID card, etc.
  • A copy of a utility bill, bank or insurance statement, etc.


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How do I remove the security freeze?

When you request your security freeze, you will be given a personal identification number or password. To remove the security freeze, temporarily or permanently, contact us and provide that personal identification number or password. You can request to remove the freeze for a period of time or to permanently remove the freeze.