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Managing customer data to achieve a consolidated view for better customer experience and data-driven decisions

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A single-customer view is where all the data you hold about each of your customers is stored and consolidated into one, easy-to-read record in your database. This view begins and ends with data quality to ensure the information you’ve collected is clean, accurate and ready to use from multiple sources.

To fully understand your customers’ needs and buying preferences, and target them accurately, you need to incorporate all their data into a single source.

A single-customer view enables businesses to run more efficiently. Your marketing department can be confident they’re targeting their campaigns based on accurate information, and your finance group can easily access the most up-to-date billing data for customers.

Getting an accurate view of your customers doesn’t have to be complicated

If you’re challenged by multiple databases, linking customers’ account information can be critical to your success.

Standardize and deduplicate your customer records

When aggregating data from multiple databases — including multiple formats — there’s a need to standardize the information and validate its accuracy and completeness. Our data quality services can help.

Resolve customer identities

Target smarter by building a full customer profile that connects multiple touchpoints and merges offline and digital behavior through mobile ad ID and IP address resolution, hashed PAN resolution, cross-channel remarketing –pixels, and more.

Target lookalike prospects

Gain a complete picture of the online and offline customer engagement and get the data, tools and insights you need to reach customers and optimal prospects.

Leverage data enrichment

Your customer records can be enriched with data, such as names and addresses, and kept through updates reported to our consumer credit database.


of companies face challenges around how they manage data


of companies see improving the customer experience as the biggest driver for single customer view


of companies however say poor data quality is a key challenge to delivering excellent customer experience


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