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Marketing optimization solutions for across the customer life cycle

By leveraging your data, as well as analytical expertise — including forecasting and predictive models — your organization can optimize marketing decisions across the board. From prospecting to cross-sell/upsell to retention — or a combination of multiple decisions — the opportunities for optimization are endless.

With data-driven marketing, your business can make optimal customer-level decisions rather than apply a generic campaign. Additionally, with a comprehensive understanding of “what if” scenarios, you can quantify trade-offs between different goals, prioritization decisions or contact strategies. By creating a consistent approach for analytically driven decisions, you can maximize the ROI through optimized contact planning.

Use big data for better decisions

Design optimal strategies around profiling, predictive scoring and business rules.

Maximize your business goals

With data-driven marketing, you can maximize your business’ profit, revenue, sales and offers.

Make the best decision every time

By determining the best decision for each individual customer, you can power your marketing and better position your business for growth. Personalize the offer, the channel and the time of delivery to your customers’ preferences.

Operate within the constraints of your business

Satisfy and comply with contact rules, stay within the confines of your budget and deliver a mix of offers. Your marketing doesn’t have to be limited.

Use forecasts and predictive models

Base better decision-making off forecasts of your underlying data as well as analytical tools such as response models, revenue models, cost and contact history.

Perspective paper: Marketing Optimization

Marketing departments are increasingly using analytics to predict and understand customer behavior, needs and preferences. But with the increase in marketing channels and number of different offers, it’s increasingly challenging for marketers to pick the best action for each customer.

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