Marketing data enrichment

Enrich your first-party data with customer marketing data and insights

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Marketing data enrichment for better targeting

Data enrichment in marketing enables businesses to get more out of their existing data and expand the information they have available. These services take your list of customers or prospects and provide an actionable file, including behavioral, financial and demographic information.

Using demographics, life events, mobile location data, purchase behavior data and more, learn more about your customers to drive new business and have meaningful interactions across channels. Data enrichment in marketing enables you to anticipate the behavior, attitudes and preferences of your most profitable customers and reach them in the most effective channels with the best messages with lifestyle segmentation data. 

You can create high-performing personalized content and creative while identifying the proper channel placement to ensure engagement at the optimal time in the customer’s path to purchase, through the most effective channel.

Gain a better understanding of your customers

With accurate and personalized analysis, you can create customized audience segments and messaging that help your business to connect and engage with customers.

Maximize the benefits of complete customer profiling

Append up to 900 data elements to your existing customer records. Update missing or incomplete data fields and build audience segments using attributes from your top customers.

Target customers using defined audience segments

Prioritize leads based on customers’ propensity to purchase and improve marketing efficiency and ROI.

Deliver an improved customer experience

Tailor messages and offers based on customer needs and preferences, enabling you to connect with customers through their preferred communication channels.

Understand the best B2B customers to target

Append any of our firmographic data to the customer file to find and target your best customers.


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