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Data-driven marketing strategy

The ability to find potential customers is the first step toward growing your business. The second is engaging them. Make your data — and databases — work for you. By creating and sizing addressable audiences based on your aggregated data across multiple sources, you can link and activate your best data to create more meaningful relationships with your potential and existing customers.

Get a fuller picture of your customer database with both consumer and commercial insight. Doing so will enable you to increase ROI on marketing investments, reach small businesses, contact decision-makers across multiple channels and maximize account lifetime value.

Team leader using computer in office

Use database marketing and data-driven campaigns to make the biggest impact

We can help you target and reach the right customers. Our prospecting tools arm you with accurate data needed to make informed decisions, take advantage of opportunities to acquire your ideal customers — and simultaneously save time and resources.

Tap into the power of the world’s largest database

Create more meaningful interactions with existing and potential customers using data from our marketing database, including demographics, life events, lifestyle, behavioral, attitudinal data, purchase behavior data and more.

Optimize and accelerate your credit marketing decisions

Prescreen customers for unconditional offers of credit. Additionally, you can prequalify consumers in real time at the point of contact.

Associate business owners within your existing portfolio

We can associate business owners within your existing portfolio with a business based on our commercial database and segment linked accounts by firmographic and commercial credit attributes.

Link and activate your best data

Create and size addressable audiences based on your CRM data, partner data and third-party data available within our platform.


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