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Gain deeper customer insights with customer loyalty solutions

Better understand your target prospects and existing customers using data from Experian®. We provide data on demographics, life events, lifestyles, behaviors, attitudes, purchase behaviors, mobile locations and more.

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Identify areas of risk

We provide analytics so lenders can continue to market their portfolios and maintain reasonable risk. We pull together marketing resource databases, append risk indexes to those, evaluate those businesses that are within clients’ targets to evaluate high and low impact, and optimize targeting.

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Improve contact data quality

The best loyalty programs won’t be successful if you can’t contact the member. Leverage our data verification services that validate address, email and phone numbers, as well as address standardization.

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Eliminate duplicate customer records

Consider a fuzzy matching deduplication process on either the front or back end of your process to get a single, accurate record of your contacts.

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Drive long-term retention with custom marketing programs

Companies purchasing solutions for their customers also have the option to partner with our internal marketing agency to develop marketing programs that drive increased engagement and long-term retention.


It all starts with marketing — Let’s get started, together

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