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Expand your marketable universe

Uncover and identify the right prospects within a consumer segment that may have been overlooked. Using a combination of our tools, you’ll be able to find low-risk, highly responsive near-prime consumers.

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Identify profitable populations, quickly and easily

Our data-driven methods allow you to reliably — and effectively — select the most profitable segments.

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Engage new portfolio growth strategies with speed

Identify best practices for growth and develop customized strategies that best suit your acquisition objectives, including near-prime marketing, channel expansion and new entrants.

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Get a 360° view of prospective business clients

Combine the power of B2B marketing and credit risk data to identify the right target audience, select the best-performing media and optimize campaigns.

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Optimize your credit marketing decisions

Make credit-based decisions with the most current data in the market, while employing customization and decisioning flexibility.

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Customize your audiences to achieve better response rates

Use marketing lists to prequalify consumers for firm credit offers; set lending criteria using standard and/or custom attributes and scores; and use demographic selections, segmentation models and consumer preference scores.

How we can help

From identifying the right prospects to saturating your targeting criteria with data-rich insights, we offer capabilities across the board to best optimize your credit marketing and growth strategies.

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Credit prescreening

Prequalify prospects quickly and economically.

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Comprehensive data insights

Drive smarter lending to ultimately grow your business.

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Data and customer enrichment

Get to know your customers — your most valuable assets — better.

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Marketing optimization

Leverage analytics to better predict and understand customer behavior, needs and preferences for the best credit-based decisions.


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