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Dear Experian,

I used Quizzle.com to see my Experian credit report. You have my current employer incorrectly listed. The employer you show was a couple of jobs ago, and I work for a completely different company now. How significant is this? Should I request you update your records? Will I harm my credit standing by making such a request?


Dear CKC,

Your ID information, which may or may not include your employer, is provided for an account the first time it is reported to Experian. If you go back to that creditor and change your identifying information, they update it when they update the account.

If you change your address or get married and change your name, for example, you would likely notify your creditor. But, people don't typically notify their creditors when they change jobs.

Also, it is not uncommon for a person to change jobs one or more times between credit applications, so it is quite possible that not all of your employers will be listed.

The names of employers provided on your credit report are not designed to represent a complete employment history. Rather, the list can help in verifying your identity.

When you complete a credit application, you are often asked to list your current and previous employers. The names you provide can be checked against those that appear in your credit history. If all or several match, there is a stronger probability that you are who you claim to be.

The company you list as your current employer may be provided to Experian with the application information, and that name will be added to the employer listing.

Always remember that your identifying information is used for identifying you and is not considered in any scoring models. So, you shouldn't be overly concerned about a missing employer. But, you can request that your current employer be added by following the dispute instructions provided with your personal credit report.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team