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Credit Curious: Millennial Survey Results

We know that millennials have their own approach to many things, but how different could their thinking about credit be? Join our chat with three millennials - including Lauren Bowling of personal finance blog LBee and the Money Tree - to see how they take the results of our most recent survey on millennials and credit. Learn why their experiences are shaping their perceptions of credit, and why they've also been called the 'Benjamin Franklin' generation.

Whether you're a millennial yourself, or they surround you in the branches of your family tree, it's true that they definitely think differently about money, the value of time, and how they prioritize their major goals. Since they've taken more time to experiment and discover what they truly want, they're more comfortable working for those goals long-term than setting them into immediate motion. We've heard that millennials crave instant gratification and constant praise, but it turns out that when it comes to money, recent studies have shown them a little more prudent when thinking along financial lines.

Listen in to our chat with Lauren Bowling to tune up your knowledge about millennial friends and family members - and gain a little extra understanding into how they view their finances and see the prospects for their financial futures.