The 10 Best Places to Sell Your Stuff Online

A woman wearing glasses and a polka dot shirt smiles as she raises her hands in the air with her laptop computer in front of her.

Selling your stuff online can be a convenient way to make a lot of money. The secondhand online sales market has been booming during the pandemic, especially as many would-be window shoppers have shifted to the online marketplace. Selling belongings online can be your way to claim a slice of revenue and make fast cash with things you already own.

Unless you've already tidied your home down to an ultra-minimalist lifestyle à la Marie Kondo, you probably have a few items in your possession that you could stand to part with. With the number of online marketplaces out there, however, the process of selling your things can be a little daunting. For starters, how do you choose a platform?

To simplify the online sales landscape, we've broken down the best marketplaces to sell online based on the type of item you may be selling. With these platforms, you can make some well-deserved money without too much hassle.

Where to Sell Clothes

For its utter simplicity, one marketplace takes the cake in this category: ThredUp.

ThredUp is the go-to marketplace for those who seek to easily reap the benefits of selling online. All you have to do is snag unwanted items from your closet, pack them into a provided, prepaid box and voila—you get paid for your clothes, either upfront or once they sell, depending on the item. For an extra fee, they'll even return unlisted items to you so you can try selling them elsewhere. ThredUp's payouts and commissions can fluctuate based on your items' value and sale price.

ThredUp only accepts items of clothing for women and children, however. For menswear and other wardrobe items ThredUp doesn't accept, Poshmark is a good alternative. To use this shopping and social platform, you must photograph your listings and provide detailed descriptions, which can be labor-intensive. When you secure a sale, Poshmark sends you prepaid shipping gear that makes it a breeze to ship out your clothing. If your item sells for under $15, you pay a flat $2.95 fee; if it sells for more, Poshmark takes 20%.

Where to Sell Technology

If you have unwanted gaming consoles, computers, phones, tablets or other tech items to sell, the Decluttr platform can be a great way to part with it and make some money to boot.

Decluttr can take cellphones, games, CDs—you name it. Similar to ThredUp's approach, Decluttr has a streamlined process: They provide you with a prepaid label you'll use to ship your items, and they provide a payment the day after your box arrives. Oh, and did we mention Decluttr is completely free to use?

If you're not happy with the value you expect to get for your goods from Decluttr, it might be worth selling the items individually through another online auction site or to a local buyer.

Where to Sell Home Decor and Accessories

Shopify is a top-tier platform with a variety of sales opportunities, particularly when it comes to selling accessories such as jewelry and home goods. The approach on this sales platform has you build an online storefront for your sales, using premade themes and creating listings according to your needs. Whether you've decided to redecorate or you simply have way too many throw pillows in your inventory, home decor and accessories are often top trending products selling on Shopify.

The setup can be a bit more involved than the other options in this list, and baseline membership costs about $30 after a two-week free trial, but the ongoing ability to list and sell with your Shopify store may be worth the price. If you'd prefer a more casual option, our next recommendation is also a perfect place to sell your jewelry, home goods and accessories.

Where to Sell Anything—Locally

Local sales marketplaces can be a hub where you can sell basically any item, from cars to jewelry. Selling in your own neighborhood is particularly well-suited to selling furniture and other large, fragile or cumbersome pieces that would be cost-prohibitive to ship. You can use local online marketplaces to connect with someone close to you and exchange the goods in person. Facebook Marketplace is a good place to start because you can easily list your items on a local group page. Try searching Facebook Marketplace for your town's name to find dedicated group pages where you can post and sell, and stay safe while making sales.

If you're looking for other options for selling items locally, 5Miles and OfferUp are worth checking out. These marketplace platforms offer added security with their messaging systems, so strangers won't know your name when they make offers to buy your stuff. Regardless of the platform, selling locally means a nearby buyer can swing by to pick up your items, and you don't have to deal with shipping or transportation.

When to Sell on eBay

The granddaddy of online auction sites, eBay lives on. Nearly 20 million sellers and 160 million buyers are active on the eBay marketplace, and the variety of items you can sell on the platform is practically limitless. However, you must pay fees to sell on eBay, and new or occasional users may not be able to stand out among established merchants until they have a track record of being a reliable seller.

You can start by selling smaller items to grow your reputation and gradually transition to making bigger-ticket sales. Along with other powerhouse marketplaces like Amazon and Bonanza, eBay can be great for selling furniture, collectibles and clothing online, especially with features to promote your listings for extra visibility. Just be ready to dedicate a bit more time, energy and fees to succeed. If you're unsure about pricing, you can view similar items that have recently sold and price accordingly.

Where to Sell Offline

If you've explored the platforms above and still can't justify the time or energy it takes to become an online salesperson, your local pawn shops and consignment stores remain classic substitutes. Pretty much any of the aforementioned items—tech, jewelry, home goods and more—could fetch a decent price at one of these shops. It's probably not your most profitable option, but it may be the quickest way to get cash and can certainly work in a pinch.

The Bottom Line

Selling your stuff online doesn't need to be difficult. It should be a rewarding experience, though, no matter what level of effort you put into the process. Whatever you sell and wherever you opt to sell it, don't let potential cash go unclaimed. You can get money fast and, essentially, get paid for a day of deep cleaning. If your stuff would better serve you as money in your pocket, use the proper platform for your needs. Soon, you can start tallying your profits and use your new cashflow to save for a big event, tackle debt or invest in your future.