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**Subscription Cancellation and Bill Negotiation are available with eligible paid memberships. Results will vary. Not all bills or subscriptions are eligible for negotiation/cancellation. Savings are not guaranteed, and some may not see any savings. Of bills negotiated by BillFixersTM in 2021 with eligible providers where sufficient bill and verification information was received, 81% resulted in savings. Total amount calculated assuming annualized savings for all bills successfully negotiated by BillFixers.

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¥Results will vary. Savings scan requires connecting payment account(s) to Experian and estimates potential savings based on our past negotiations with 40+ popular providers of telecom, internet, cable and certain other services, and cancellation of 200+ eligible subscriptions. It may not find all available savings. Est. savings are not guaranteed and some may not see savings. Negotiation/cancellation services available with eligible paid memberships.

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