ProtectMyID® Alert

All of the benefits of a multi-layered identity theft detection, protection, and resolution product with a focus on our fundamental services.

ProtectMyID Alert leverages the superior identity theft protection services of ProtectMyID with a focus on the fundamental features that consumers look to for immediate identification and resolution of identity theft.

Provide peace of mind with our newest product, ProtectMyID® Alert

With identity theft resolution times increasing to 40 hours in 2010 and the average individual’s out of pocket expense growing to $6311 the effects of a data breach can result in potential damage to your brand and loss of revenue.  You can help to minimize the legal risks and financial costs associated with a data breach by partnering with Experian to mitigate the effects of such adverse incidents. ProtectMyID’s dedicated professionals manage your case and provide assistance throughout the entire process, helping you to maintain customer loyalty and strengthen your brand by resolving a data breach rapidly and discreetly.

Experience Experian's Finest Credit Monitoring System

ProtectMyID guards your employees’ and customers’ most valuable asset — their identity. What they experience is the same superior identity theft protection Experian has provided to over millions of consumers and thousands of organizations. Ease of use. Peace of mind. Protection like no other.

Multiple Levels of Vital Detection and Support

Daily credit monitoring and timely alerts on either one or three bureaus of any key changes.

  • Early warning Surveillance AlertsTM track 50 potential indicators of fraud and notify members of key changes on credit reports.
  • Information on new accounts, medical collections, and other activity allows members to understand when their identities may be at risk.
  • Timely notification empowers members to quickly and efficiently respond to potential identity theft.

US-based Fraud Resolution Team

  • Highly trained professionals that will investigate and address both credit and non-credit related fraud.
  • Fraud Resolution agents will contact credit grantors to dispute charges, close accounts and provide additional assistance as needed.
  • Work directly with members from beginning to end to help resolve identity theft.

$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance*

  • Provides coverage for lost wages, legal fees, and funds lost due to unauthorized electronic fund transfers.
  • Zero deductible upon enrollment.

FREE Experian credit report

  • Members can check for past inaccuracies and signs of identity theft.
  • Additional educational resources
  • Critical insight into identity protection and identity theft resolution.
  • Medical identity theft resources, such as instructions on requesting a drug history report, deciphering a medical benefits statement, and looking into medical information disclosure
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The Identity Theft Insurance is underwritten and administered by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, an Assurant company under group or blanket policy(ies) . The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.

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