Mobile ad identifiers (MAID)/ID resolution

Embrace the power of identity resolution to improve customer experience

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Connect digital and offline identities to better understand your customers

By fusing data and artificial intelligence, we can help marketers connect mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) with digital and offline identity attributes to better understand your target audiences.

Powered by our vast data assets and identity platform, we incorporate machine learning algorithms, as well as additional techniques to connect billions of advanced identity signals and data elements, including MAIDs, from a wide variety of internal and external sources. This allows you to implement more effective analytics, audience segmentation and activation, and measurement capabilities.

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Better understand your customers

Improve match rates and scale

Connect consumer and household identities across multiple touchpoints with our MAID resolution capability.

Connect with confidence

Using technology, innovation and advanced analytics, as well as data privacy, you can more reliably connect digital identifiers with offline attributes. Culminating in compliant, more relevant experiences for your customers.

Reach your best customers and prospects wherever life takes them

With a single identity, planning and launching campaigns across channels for a coordinated campaign is easier than ever before.

Ensure your marketing is privacy-safe

All marketing data is managed following the strictest regulatory standards for consumer privacy and data ethics.


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