We help businesses recognize true identities to establish trusted relationships with legitimate customers while keeping fraudsters out.


Our cloud-based platform and workflow design allow you to apply the right data and fraud-mitigation tools with seamless orchestration while keeping pace with digital transformation.

Advanced analytics

Combine machine learning analytics with Experian’s proprietary and partner data to return a single optimal decision.

Identity-authentication tools

Leverage identity data, device intelligence, biometrics, behavior metrics, one-time passwords and document verification to confirm identities with increased confidence.

Data partnerships

We facilitate connection to a vast array of new and emerging data sources to power fraud-mitigation results.

How we can help

Our innovative approach to complex fraud problems includes a combination of products and strategies. This allows businesses to recognize legitimate identities and identify risks while adhering to regulatory requirements and providing a positive customer experience.

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Account Takeover

Sophisticated analytics and fraud solutions to quickly and safely grant account access requests. 

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Bust-out fraud

Predict bust-out schemes and take action on high-risk accounts before they become losses.

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Commercial entity fraud

Differentiate risk with commercial fraud solutions.

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First-party fraud

Track behavioral patterns to expose potential credit abuse and identity manipulation before your business experiences losses.

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Global data breach services

Protect against and efficiently respond to data breaches.

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Identity protection

Safeguard against fraud and provide your customers with identity-protection solutions. 

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Risk-based authentication

Apply the appropriate level of friction to each identity risk event.

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Synthetic identity protection

Leverage an innovative approach to synthetic identity detection and prevention.

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Third-party fraud

Data, analytics and decision-enabling tools to recognize and flag potential identity theft. 

Our multilayered fraud management approach provides the right level of confidence for every transaction so you can focus your resources on protecting your good, high-value customers.

Experian’s innovative fraud management solutions provide appropriate levels of security without causing customer friction.

Robust verification options

Ever-evolving solutions to manage identity verification with confidence even for identities that may have previously been compromised.

Layered risk management

Complex identity and device risk evaluation and step-up authentication procedures for layered fraud risk management. 

Leading the fight on synthetic identity fraud

Our solutions provide a powerful fraud-detection platform, vast data resources, advanced analytics and synthetic identity fraud mitigation.


of consumers say security is the most important factor when deciding to engage with a business.


of businesses have reported high losses from account takeover fraud in the last year.


live data breaches Experian® has serviced in the last 15 years.

Frequently asked questions

A fraud management solution is a system or series of systems that supports the detection, prevention, and management of fraud across user accounts and platforms. Working together, the pieces of the solution identify known identities and quarantine unknown or risky identities for further review.

Third-party fraud — generally known as identity theft — occurs when a malicious actor uses another person’s identifying information to open new accounts without the knowledge of the individual whose information is being used.

First-party fraud refers to instances when an individual makes a promise of future repayments in exchange for goods or services without the intent to repay. First-party fraud is often miscategorized as credit loss and written off as bad debt, which causes problems when businesses later try to determine how much they’ve lost to fraud versus credit risk, and then make future lending decisions.

Account takeover fraud is a form of identity theft that involves unauthorized access to a user’s online accounts to enable financial crimes.

Synthetic identity fraud occurs when a criminal creates a fictitious identity for the specific purpose of committing fraud. This may include blending stolen or misused Social Security numbers with fabricated information to create a new, fictitious identity.

Bust-out is characterized by multiple, sudden and simultaneous consumption of credit followed by widespread default across obligations — the fraudster disappears with no intent to repay.

Fraud-detection software is a solution that monitors, detects and prevents fraudulent activity. It may be leveraged by an organization to prevent identity theft or illicit access or to root out synthetic identities or first-party fraud.


Identify your true customers and keep fraudsters out for good

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