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Discover and match data from multiple databases to move your business forward 

Achieving a single-customer view is critical to creating a successful business strategy and maximizing the value of existing customer relationships. That’s where data matching comes in.  

Data matching is the process of identifying and merging duplicate data records. With our data-matching solutions, your organization can get to a single-customer view by matching and linking duplicate contact records in your databases. You’ll be able to link similar records that contain typos, nicknames, extra words, missing information and more. With fuzzy matching technology, our real-time data-matching solutions can help your organization boost business performance and gain valuable insights into your consumers.

It’s highly customizable, quick and reliable.

Improve data match rates to improve database efficiency and become a data-driven business.

Our data-matching solutions can help you get a 360° view of your customers and create valuable business insights for your organization.

Use industry-unique technology and machine learning

By using a powerful matching engine that leverages fuzzy matching and predictive technology, our data-matching tool will help you achieve improved match rates and higher-quality matches every time.

Comply with privacy guidelines

Bring like and disparate data together across multiple sources in a privacy-compliant manner. Incorporate different identifiers and perform matches at various levels of consumer identity.

Improve targeting and marketing campaigns

By establishing a single view of your customer, your organization can better target marketing campaigns to specific demographics. 


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