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The ability to accurately identify consumers is the most basic prerequisite for marketing analytics, orchestration and execution. People engage with brands through a multitude of touchpoints – varying from social media, websites, email and in-store – and brands need to connect these touchpoints effectively to get a complete picture of customer behavior and the buying journey. Complicating matters is that digital consumers are known only by anonymous identifiers such as a cookie, mobile advertising ID (MAID), hashed email and IP address. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands and marketers to link together disparate silos of identity to foster a more seamless and personalized omnichannel customer experience.

Experian’s MarketingConnect resolves identity for marketers to give you a more holistic view of your best customers—and potential customers. Here’s how:

  • Build a more complete view of your customers using data appends with ConsumerViewSM. You don’t need postal addresses to append data—once MarketingConnect resolves fragments of known and unknown identifiers, we can append ConsumerViewSM attributes, including demographics, purchasing habits, lifestyles, interests and attitudes.
  • Get a deeper understanding of known consumers and anonymous users with audience insights & analytics. Even with fragments of identity data, MarketingConnect resolves the identities to known consumers, which then enables the creation of customer or market profile reports.
  • Link anonymous identifiers to obtain a single view for unknown users and site visitors using digital data integration and cross device identifiers. Obtain persistent IDs to better understand the linkages between multiple devices that belong to the same user or household to inform various targeting strategies.
  • Expand your audiences with lookalike or custom modelling using known consumer data. Create custom audiences that can then be activated in the channel of your choice.
  • Integrate customer data for deeper insight by obtaining persistent IDs that link Personally Identifiable Information (PII) identifiers and consumer behavior within your customer data management platforms and other customer-centric systems. Furthermore, you may choose to manage this linked data within Experian’s Customer Data EngineTM solution.
  • Maximize your reach across media channels using Experian’s digital onboarding and media activation. MarketingConnect isn’t just for our clients–we use it too! It’s how we integrate with our OmniActivation media partners for onboarding and activation, and it powers our Audience Engine platform. This direct connection to our partners provides you with lift and accuracy for more effective campaigns.
  • Get insight into cross-device engagement with digital ID resolution. Consumers engage across a variety of digital devices including PCs, smartphones and connected TVs. Experian’s Digital ID resolution services link a consumer’s digital IDs to their offline persona, giving you a more holistic view of their engagement.
  • Measure campaign results across multiple channels by employing identity resolution techniques. For example, resolve a site visit so that it can be matched to an in-store purchase, where only knowledge is available about the consumer who purchased, requires advanced identity resolution.
  • Safely share your data with other partners and 3rd parties with clean room matching and data exchange. We can resolve and match the identities that you and your partners supply, and once MarketingConnect resolves identities, we perform the required data sharing in a privacy-compliant and brand-safe manner where identities and the underlying data assets are protected.
How it works
Why MarketingConnect is different
  • Known reference data:  Experian leverages real, known consumer data to inform identity resolution. Our 50+ years of historical PII data and large sources of digital identity data enables us to continuously resolve identity. Our techniques allow us to better recognize customers, regardless of the input data.
  • Persistent identity: MarketingConnect produces persistent IDs which allows you to continuously link information to a single common ID. These IDs are stable over time and provide you with the anchor IDs that are needed within your customer-centric systems.
  • Privacy & compliance: We protect your data using systems that were designed with privacy and compliance by design and we do not share your data. When you ask us to share data between your partners and other parties, identities remain protected.
  • Speed & scale: The products comprising MarketingConnect were built on cutting edge big data technology, and we can process large volumes of data in a short period of time, either through automated batch or real-time API's.

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