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Leverage accurate reference data to solve matching challenges

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Karly Rowe from Experian Health highlights the importance of matching, managing and protecting patient identities to safeguard medical information and reduce risk. 

Match, manage, enrich, and protect patient identities. Managing identities is at the heart of Experian and has been for more than 40 years. You can count on us to keep your patients’ information safe and ensure you have the most current, accurate patient information to make the right decisions for your organization.

Amid the rapid growth of market consolidation comes an increasing alliance of disparate health IT systems — and this is one of the main barriers to efficiency. Today’s leading health organizations are implementing identity management software that interfaces with multiple disparate clinical workflows and integrates data sources from beyond their own enterprise-level data to accurately match, govern and protect patient data. 

This type of identity matching also makes data accuracy higher for clinical, administrative, and quality improvement decision purposes. 

Follow the entire patient journey for a more complete and accurate medical picture.

Universal Identity Manager

Identifies matches other matching methodologies miss, and assigns a Universal Patient Identifier (UPI), creating the foundation for safer, more accurate patient data exchange across the care continuum.

Universal Identity Manager - Batch

Experian Health has developed a unique solution leveraging Experian’s demographic data to establish a universal patient identifier, which has higher match performance than standard industry tools.

Universal Identity Manager Duplicate Medical Record Number Alerts & Match API

Universal Identity Manager Search & Duplicate Medical Record Number Alerts integrates with eCare NEXT® while Match API can stand alone and integrate seamlessly with existing EHR software.

Webinar with Dr. Andrew Gettinger, chief clinical officer, ONC

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Experian Health and Change Healthcare Partner to Deliver Identity Management

Partnership provides identity management solution to solve patient identification and duplication challenges.


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