Expand your addressable market using industry-leading technology and data

Prescreen empowers credit grantors with the freshest and most applicable industry data available to optimize their lending criteria to target prospects, including consumers and businesses, streamline campaigns and deliver improved returns on investment.

We provide expert consultation to define and customize lenders’ credit criteria using our comprehensive data assets to generate a list of their addressable market. This assists in creating better targeted credit marketing campaigns via direct mail, email, online ads and more to qualify consumers for preapproved credit offers.




Customize and easily deploy your Prescreen marketing campaigns faster using self-service tools

Our Ascend Marketing™ platform uses Audience Engine, a campaign-management tool, to help build your custom Prescreen credit selections.  

Data, customization and flexibility that deliver results

Unmatched data assets

Industry-best consumer and business records, data attributes and models.

Customized campaign lists

Client-provided consumer lists, and Experian-managed or client-managed credit-criteria-based campaigns.

Flexible campaign fulfillment

Digital campaign delivery including email, web displays and digital partner marketing, in addition to traditional methods, such as direct mail.

Identify and target your best prospects with Prescreen

Prescreen combines comprehensive data and client criteria with the most expansive and compliant fulfillment options for creditworthy consumers

Market-leading Prescreen to meet your business needs

Prescreen incorporates powerful data and technology that can be integrated into marketing and banking systems and/or accessed through a web version.

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Amplified Prospecting™

Represent existing credit offers through multiple digital channels.

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Ascend Marketing™

Self-manage Prescreen campaigns with self-service tools from our hosted, cloud platform. 

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Experian Advisory Services

Consult with expert business analysts to assist you in developing customized credit prescreen criteria that works for your industry and your business. 

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Instant Prescreen

Real-time prescreen at point-of-sale increases consumer credit portfolio while engagement is high.  

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Prospect Triggers

Monitor and market to prospects once they meet your credit criteria.





How Prescreen can help

  • Faster decisioning with access to a full suite of data attributes 
  • Convenience and flexibility to choose from a wide range of campaign fulfillment options 
  • A better consumer experience with higher approval rates 
  • Mitigate risk with a compliant solution 


Grow your addressable target market today

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