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It’s no secret the world is changing and along with it, so are consumers’ expectations. They have more access to research, customized choices and services than ever before. Marketers must essentially predict a consumer’s desires and needs and meet them with a customized message and offer on their preferred channel at the right time — all while working within a budget.

The most forward-thinking credit marketers must bring an insights-driven, omnichannel approach to segmentation, targeting and customer acquisition, with cost efficiency at top of mind. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Ascend Marketing™ is a game-changing customer marketing and acquisition engine that empowers marketing teams with the freshest data and assets combined with the ability to develop and deploy intelligent marketing campaigns faster and more efficiently than ever before.



Create powerful, targeted campaigns

Watch how Audience Engine, our fully integrated audience management platform, can help you create custom audiences and launch omnichannel campaigns to level up your marketing strategies.

Effectively develop and deploy marketing campaigns

Better targeting

Leverage the freshest data to design dynamic segmentation strategies for increased campaign response rates.

Intuitive design

Create and manage channel and targeting strategies with an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface. 

Efficient monitoring

Keep tabs on your campaign results for faster testing of engagement strategies and campaign optimization. 

Build, optimize and deploy custom targeting strategies

Optimize your customer acquisition strategies with Ascend Marketing

Gain a holistic view of your customers and markets

Explore our full range of marketing solutions for comprehensive data sources and deeper insights.


Ascend Data Services™ for marketing

Fully integrate Experian® data and advanced analytics into your marketing processes. As a one-stop shop for data, Ascend Data Services™ for marketing offers full-file credit data spanning over 20 years, including commercial, general marketing and expanded FCRA data sources.


Consumer View

Leverage our industry-leading marketing database for your omnichannel campaigns. Consumer View℠ reveals a deeper understanding of your customers for more actionable insights across channels. 


Ascend Identity Resolution™

Ascend Identity Resolution™ helps lenders and service providers create and maintain a customer-specific persistent identity that can be used to link existing relationships and interactions to achieve business objectives.  


Ascend Market Insights Dashboard™

Access to up-to-the moment industry trends to monitor results, navigate market volatility and drive strategy. With our interactive dashboards with advanced navigation and filtering capabilities, you’ll be able to optimize your business strategies based on data-driven insights into consumer behavior and peer benchmarking.

Product benefits

  • Simple integration — Streamline your process with limited IT involvement.
  • Fresher campaign data — Reach your customers when they’re in the market for a product. 
  • Operational and cost efficiencies — Reduce the amount of time and cost to process a prescreen campaign. 
  • FCRA compliant — Data is depersonalized to address regulatory requirements. 
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